Sports Betting With Money Order

Sports Betting With Money Order
  • Like using cash
  • Transactions likely approval
  • Higher deposit and withdrawal limits

Betting Sites That Use Money Order

Most sportsbooks are going to accept money orders as valid deposit and withdrawal methods. These include 5Dimes, Bet365, Betonline, Bodog, Bovada, GTBets, Pinnacle Sports,, Sports Interaction, TopBet, William Hill and just about every other site you can name. [+]

Money orders do effectively demand the utmost of trust in your sportsbook. You’re not dealing with a credit card or PayPal payment you can dispute. Once you send off your money order, that’s it. So make sure you’re dealing with a renowned company before mailing in any kind of deposit.

Many sportsbooks, for the record, will offer larger first-time deposit bonuses when using moneyorders. If you’re looking for an incentive to labor through the extended transaction windows, this would certainly be it.

Money orders, much like cashier’s checks and MoneyGrams, allow you to place stakes in sportsbooks without getting your bank account information involved. The transactions are super easy, as money orders are accessible throughout the world. [+]

With Money Order you’re neither dealing with intermediaries nor exchanging valuable personal information. Processing deposits and withdrawals via money orders can take ample time, since you’re largely at the behest of the postal service. But the extra wait is worth the added security, and many sportsbooks let you deposit and withdraw larger sums when using money orders. For example, 5Dimes, doesn’t even place a maximum on the dollar amount you can funnel into your account with money orders.

Making sportsbooks deposits with money orders isn't particularly hard. It's just time consuming.

You must first sign up with a sportsbook. That will require you to provide some personal information but shouldn't include exchanging bank or credit card information unless that's how you plan to subsidize your betting.

Once you have an account, you must speak to a representative from your sportsbook. This is usually done by chatting online but can also be done over the phone. Whomever you speak to will explain their procedure for money orders, providing an address and the name of the company or person you'll be making the money order out to. This is way more complicated than it sounds. It's just like writing and mailing a check.

Money orders can be obtained just about anywhere—post offices, convenience stores, department stores, etc. You will pay a small fee, which can often vary depending on the size of the money order you're sending, but there shouldn't be any charges involved on withdrawals, and sportsbooks will sometimes provide tracking numbers that keep you informed on where your money is and how long it will take to reach you.

As soon as your sportsbook receives your money order, you will either get a notification or notice that your account has been replenished. You're free to start betting once those funds are available.