The Atlanta Hawks are a tough team to wrap your betting impulses around these days. The magic from a 60-win 2014-15 season and Eastern Conference Finals has long since worn off, and a wholly up-and-down fringe contender has been left in its place. One night, they look like a legitimate conference threat; the next, you wonder whether they’ll blow up this core in due time. But the more you know about them, the more ammo you have to invest in, or against, them at sportsbooks everywhere.

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Never lose sight of the Hawks’ most imminent game. You can always find their next opponent below, making it that much easier to place your bets before the lines close.

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Keep track of the Hawks’ big-picture outlook with this trusty full-schedule view. Surveying their upcoming opponents in advance will allow you to map out a plan before lines even drop. 

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Remain up to date with where the Hawks sit in the NBA’s overall standings, as well as the Eastern Conference pecking order. Their placement is an important aspect of crafting playoff bets. 

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Respect Atlanta's Versatility

Indeed, the Hawks have underachieved on many levels this season. But they have the luxury of playing inside the Eastern Conference. And once you move past the Cleveland Cavaliers and Toronto Raptors, things get congested. Any of the teams seeded three through 12 can beat up on one another. 

If there's one squad with a strong shot to emerge as a dark-horse threat, it's the Hawks. The Miami Heat belong in this conversation too, but the Hawks' core is more established and headlined by two of the most versatile players in the league: Al Horford and Paul Millsap.

Horford is a modern-day stretch 5 with understated rim-protecting chops. Millsap is basically a point everything. He passes, strokes threes, puts the ball on the floor, guards wings and can even body up against opposing bigs. So long as those two are in Atlanta, the Hawks' conference odds cannot be written off as futile.

The Paul Millsap Show

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