The hero of the World Series isn’t always a household name. Christian Colon’s lone at-bat of the 2015 postseason sparked a five-run 12th inning rally that gave the Kansas City Royals their first World Series title since 1985. Scott Brosius hit .471 for the New York Yankees in their 1998 World Series sweep of the San Diego Padres. Gene Tenace, part of a three-catcher platoon for the Oakland Athletics, clouted four home runs and drove in nine of Oakland’s 16 runs in a seven-game win over the Cincinnati Reds. [+]

Superstars also rise to the occasion in the Fall Classic. Reggie Jackson was World Series MVP with both Oakland (1973) and the Yankees (1977). Bob Gibson and Sandy Koufax were both two-time World Series MVPs in the 1960s.

The real hero of the World Series can be you. By studying the matchups and knowing the tendencies of both teams before you wager on the series, you can be a winner, too.


Best MLB World Series Betting Lines

When betting on the World Series, a great option to get into the game early is by making a futures bet on which team you think will ultimately win the Fall Classic.


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What is the MLB World Series matchup

Here is where you can see all the data on the World Series matchup. Something to remember is that during the Fall Classic, managers often change things up from how they normally operate. [+]

In the first World Series in 1903, Pittsburgh manager Fred Clarke sent Deacon Phillippe to the mound to start five of the eight games (it was a best-of-nine series). Phillippe won his first three starts to give Pittsburgh a 3-1 edge, but then he faded, losing Games 7 and 8 as Boston rallied to win the series.

Fast forward to 2001. New York Yankees manager Joe Torre, leading 2-1 in Game 7 against the Arizona Diamondbacks, opted to go to his closer Mariano Rivera with two out in the eighth inning rather than the standard ninth inning entrance he was accustomed to. That one extra out proved to be too much and Rivera not only blew the save, the first time he’d done that in 23 career opportunities in postseason play, he lost the game. Diamondbacks manager Bob Brenly also went off the charts and closed the game with ace starter Randy Johnson.

It worked out for Brenly and it did for San Francisco manager Bruce Bochy in 2014 when he brought in ace starter Madison Bumgarner on two days rest to pitch the final five innings of their Game 7 triumph over the Kansas City Royals. 

At the other end of the spectrum, staying with the pat hand blew up spectacularly in the face of New York Mets manager Terry Collins when he opted to remain with starter Matt Bradley in the ninth inning of the deciding game of the 2015 Series holding a 2-0 lead. Kansas City rallied to tie it and won the game and the series in the 12th inning.


Online Tips For MLB World Series Bettors

If you are planning to bet a team that's likely to win, don't wait long because that bandwagon will fill up fast and the odds will decrease exponentially.

Try to avoid betting on popular teams like the New York Yankees, Boston Red Sox and Chicago Cubs that are followed by a massive fan base who are so loyal that they will lay money on the team to win it all no matter how much of a longshot that might be.

Look for a lesser light that has a chance to win. The Houston Astros or Toronto Blue Jays would have been prime examples of this type of bet in 2015.  

There are plenty of ways to wager on the World Series to give yourself even more of an interest in the outcome of the games. Playing the moneyline in the simplest and most popular wager.


All you do is pick which team you feel will win the game and put your money on that ballclub. You can also play the run line, which is set at 1.5 and you are betting that the favoured team will take the game by two or more runs, or the underdog will stay within a run or win outright.

But be forewarned - nearly half of all playoff games are one-run outcomes, so if this is your way of thinking, you might want to lean toward the underdog.

Prop bets are always popular on major sporting events. You can wager on whether a game will go to extra innings, which team will throw more pitches, which team will score first, who will get the first hit or clout the first home run.

If you do your research in terms of tendencies of players or teams, this sort of wager might not prove the roll of the dice it seems to be.