The Minnesota Wild can’t seem to shake their image as the NHL’s poster team for old-school, tight-checking hockey. It’s the style of hockey that was their gameplan of choice when they entered the NHL in 2000 and it’s become the type of game most associated with the Wild, who must be considered one of the least sexiest teams in the entire league. That was then. This is now. The Wild don’t have any trouble scoring whatsoever anymore and should be considered as bonafide Stanley Cup contenders.  

Minnesota Wild Next Game

To successfully bet on the Wild’s next game, make sure to check the current beting line while analyzing how Minnesota fares in recent encounters with their opposition.

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Minnesota WIld Regular Season Schedule

The Wild are a strong team competing in a very strong Central Division, but they have the squad to make some noise so pay close attention to their future games and come up with a concerted strategy. 


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Minnesota Wild Standings

The Wild are now in the same echelon as the Blackhawks and Blues so expect Minnesota to be fighting for positions in the standing with their division rivals. 


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Minnesota Wild Betting Predictions

The Wild are decent futures bets, but they're still not expected to win the Stanley Cup. They've come a long, especially considering this team is up against some of the NHL's best six times each per year. Facing the Chicago Blackhaws, St. Louis Blues and Nashville Predators 18 time in total shows you what the Wild are up against on a yearly basis.

Taking Top Seeds

But they don't shy away from the challenge. The Wild are in a good position to start challenging for a deep playoff run.

That's one of the main reasons you should take into account their adjusted effiiciency margin. It calculates whether the Wild are a good favorite to back, especially come playoff time. Can they live up to their high expectations or will a supposed underdog, one with a better adjusted efficiency margin, swoop in and upset them?

10-Game Metrics

A club's 10-game metrics, A basic yet effective stat, is another crucial analytic to keep your eye on. Ten games is a long enough spell to determine how a team is performing.

It allows you to delve into their pysch, and provides a good litmus test to whehter you should bet for or against the Wild in upcoming games. Make sure you peform the 10-game metric on both teams to gain a comprehensive understanding.