The Seattle Seahawks are working off a down year—insofar as you consider 10 wins and a divisional round playoff appearance a down year. Really, the Seahawks just got out ot a slow start in 2015. They began the year 3-5, at which point pundits and fans proclaimed the sky was falling. But they finished out the year 7-1, during which time they looked like their old selves. That same version of the Seahawks should be back for 2016—sans the slow start, of course.  [+]

Yes, Seattle lost some noteworthy players: Outside tackle Russell Okung (Denver Broncos), outside linebacker Bruce Irvin (Oakland Raiders) and defensive tackle Brandon Mebane (San Diego Chargers). Marshawn Lynch also retired, leaving the team to depend on the duo of Thomas Rawls and Christine Michael in the backfield.

But the Seahawks still have the look and feel of an everything play.

Quarterback Russell Wilson has never been more dangerous. He was always a threat on the ground, but he has morphed into an efficient big yardage passer. And the synergy he has with No. 1 wide receiver Doug Baldwin is real—real crazy.

Seattle’s secondary, on top of that, is still the best in the business. And while part of the Seahawks’ run defense was ravaged in free agency, they have the depth on the defensive line and at linebacker to make up for those absences.

All told, the Seahawks remain among the most balanced teams in an NFC that’s still begging for a recurring powerhouse. The Seahawks could be that powerhouse. 

If not for a sloppy start to 2015, they would already be that conference giant.

Best Seattle Seahawks Betting Lines

All of the best Seattle Seahawks betting lines can be found right here. Jot down the overs, unders, spreads and moneylines, in addition to the start times, and plan your betting journey. [+]

If you’re not immediately ready to place your bet upon getting lines, do make sure to return here at least once more before actually submitting your wager. Game lines change all the time at the NFL level, a byproduct of them being released days ahead of kickoff.

Sudden injuries, unexpected suspensions, surprise returns and superfluous action on one team or a specific wager can all force the sportsbooks to manipulate their original lines. Don’t be caught off guard when you go to make your bet. This page is here for a reason: to keep you informed with the best, most accurate betting lines right up until your wager is officially placed. Use it to your advantage.

NFL - Regular Season Week 13
Thursday, Nov 30, 202308:15 PM
Seattle Seahawks@Dallas Cowboys
NFL - Regular Season Week 14
Sunday, Dec 10, 202304:05 PM
Seattle Seahawks@San Francisco 49ers
NFL - Regular Season Week 15
Sunday, Dec 17, 202304:25 PM
Philadelphia Eagles@Seattle Seahawks
Last update on Dec 2, 2023 06:45 AM

Seattle Seahawks Regular Season Schedule

Here is the Seattle Seahawks’ entire regular season schedule. Do not shy away from using it frequently. [+]

Scrolling backward to look at the scores of past games gives you an inside track for how to bet on any fothcoming games that introduce similar circumstances.

These previous scores are a great way of seeing how the Seahawks fare against certain spreads, the overs and unders, and defensively deft and offensively dominant squadrons.

Look at their records in each of these situations, see which type of team they’re playing next, plus where they are playing them (home or away), and you’ll have a tidy little betting blueprint at your disposal.

Jumping ahead in the schedule, meanwhile, is a simple yet effective way of mapping out potential wagers in advance. 

Compare and contrast the Seahawks’ play style, depth chart, injury report and records with those of their opponents. Figure out what type of bet you would want to make in a perfect world. Then, when the lines for said outing are officially dropped, the resulting odds should automatically lead you to one specific wager.

This is called “due diligence,” folks. Get used to doing it if you ever plan on making major bank in this crazy world of sports gambling.

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What Are The Seattle Seahawks Standings

Remind yoruself of the Seattle Seahawks’ place in the standings right here. This means you, all midseason futures bettors. [+]

Records don’t always tell the whole story, but they are enough evidence to see whether or not you should take the next step in the futures process.

For example, if you see that the Seahawks are on course to post one of the best records in the NFC or overall NFL, you then know to take stock of their conference championship and Super Bowl odds. And if they’re hovering near the top of their NFC West division, you then know they’re genuine divisional plays.

StandingsSeattle Seahawks

How To Win Seattle Seahawks Bets

In recent years, the Seattle Seahawks were fantastic under plays. Their defense was unsolvable, and their offense was conservative—methodical in its pace and play calling.

Everything has changed now.

The Seahawks should no longer be consistent under plays—or, for that matter, over plays—until further notice. They are too damn good.

It's a weird concept, no doubt. But Seattle's balance is such that there's no discernible identity in this gambling category.

The Seahawks ranked first in points allowed per game last season, which is usually indicative of an under darling. But they also finished fourth in total points per game, which is supposed to portend over potential.

Hence the dilemma.

Rather than waste your money getting burned by the Seahawks' obscene balance, divert your attention from overs and unders to spreads. With this brand of two-way attack, Seattle is built to not only beat or destroy but absolutely massacre opponents. 

This team will score a lot of points while letting up very few. That's a scary combination. Truthfully, they could end up being the NFL's best offensive and defensive group. And that would be flat out absurd. That their chances of accomplishing such a feat aren't considered as farfetched, though, says all you need to know.

Ditch the overs and unders. Bet your heart out on on the spreads.

Clearly the Seattle Seahawks should be a part of your conference championship and Super Bowl betting arsenal. But while those categories gain the most attention because of their potential returns, this offseason presents a unique opportunity with regard to using the Seahawks as NFC West plays.

The odds, and thus possible returns, still won't compare to those from conference championship and Super Bowl futures. But Seattle's lines should be better than they've been in years past.

Marshawn Lynch's retirement, for one, increases the team's reliance on Russell Wilson. Thomas Rawls and Christine Michaels make for a great one-two dynamic, but neither of them is Lynch. And while Wilson has improved, he has never needed to be the heart and soul of Seattle's defense before.

Still, he is more than capable of rising to the occasion. He tossed a career-high 34 touchdowns last season in addition to completing 68.1 percent of his passes, another personal best. He has the arm, and the mental acuity, to keep the Seahawks' offense on the cusp of elite level production.

But Seattle didn't win its division last year, largely because of its 3-5 start to the year. The Arizona Cardinals grabbed 13 victories and, most likely, will remain division favorites for this year.

No matter, though. That only means the Seahawks' division odds will be more appealing.

Playing the conference and Super Bowl odds is encouraged, too. But the division play, just this one time, has the chance to be just as rewarding.