Sports Betting With Cheque

Sports Betting With Cheque
  • Minimal transaction fees
  • Highly safe
  • Proven reliability

Betting Sites That Use Cheque

If cheque is your preferred method of payment, then BetOnline would probably be your best option. Other recommended sportsbooks that do accept cheques include Sports Interaction and Bet Phoenix. If any of these do interest you, have a look so you can be well informed before making your next cheque deposit!

Cheque has had a proven record of reliability dating back long before credit or debit cards existed. While an old payment form, cheques certainly aren’t obsolete and probably won’t be anytime soon. Paying by cheque may not be the fastest nor most efficient deposit method, but they continue to provide sports bettors with a high level of security on popular sites like BetOnline. [+]

With cheque payments, there is no need to input any personal banking information online, as a tangible copy is delivered to the sportsbook. Transaction fees for cheque payments are minimal, which is ideal for payments of large amounts.

How To Deposit With Cheque

All cheques deposited to online betting sites require a physical copy of the payment. To deposit a cheque, the first step is to identify the banking information of the sportsbook. From there, snail mail the cheque to the sportsbook's mailing address. The length of time required for a cheque payment to process varies depending on the delivery service but could take up to several weeks.

As this process can be rather time consuming, a faster alternative would be mobile cheque cashing, where you take a photo of the cheque with your mobile device and send it to the wagering site. However, verification time is still required for this deposit method.