Betting on the Arizona Coyotes can be very tricky as the team can’t seem to string together consistent efforts on a year to year basis, let alone game to game. The Coyotes always seem primed for a good year, making the most noise when expectations have subsided. Arizona is trapped in one of the strongest divisions in the league, the Pacific division. Playing against some of the toughest teams makes Arizona a perennial long shot to win the cup but a great underdog on certain occasions. You just have to know when those occasions occur. 

Arizona Coyotes Next Game

When betting on the Arizona Coyotes next game, keep an eye on how both teams have been performing. This will allow you to really analyze the current betting clout of both teams.

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Arizona Coyotes Regular Season Schedule

The Arizona Coyotes regular season schedule is your road map during the year and can also help you analyze and predict the outcomes against opposition down the stretch.

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Arizona Coyotes Standings

Keep an eye on the standings to figure out if the ‘Yotes are moving in the right direction or if they’re bound to the foot of the table once more. 

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Arizona Coyotes Betting Tips 

The Arizona Coyotes have a bright future given their young stars. But how long will it be until they become playoff contenders once again?  

Let's not kid ourselves. They are in a very tough division and have to play other teams with an abundance of young talent, including the Calgary Flames and Edmonton Oilers. Both teams are currently more consistent and ready to compete on a daily basis.

Then you look at San Jose, Los Angeles and Anaheim, three teams that are prove NHL winners. The Sharks may start to see a severe decline, especially as the core of their team is approaching the final years of their storied careers. Anaheim still have a few good years left and you can never count the Kings out.

They are well drilled, well coached and are equipped with two world-class goaltenders, one of the best defenseman in the entire league and a gritty offensive corps that perpetually get the job done. They have pedigree in bundles and vast experience to match. 

The Vancouver Canucks are the only team the Coyotes can feel good matching up against in the near future. So it's going to be a while yet before the Coyotes are challenging for the Pacific Division title and a few years before they are playoff bound once more.

10-Game Metrics

But there are still Coyotes' betting opportunites to take advantage of. Make sure to take a look at both team's form from the last 10 games. This insight offers a good metric into whether backing, or betting against, the Coyotes is a good idea.

Corsi Ratings

You'll want to look at With our Without You, or the Corsi Ratings, when you start to delve more deeply into the analytics. Basically, it determines how well a key player performs with, and without, their linemate. Does it make a big difference if their linemate is missing? In the 2014 case of Phil Kessel and Tyler Bozak, it made a huge difference, as you'll see in the video below: