The Toronto Maple Leafs are a franchise steeped in history and tradition. Their 13 Stanley Cup triumphs make them second only to the Montreal Canadiens for the label of most successful NHL team. However, the Leafs haven’t won a Stanley Cup in since 1967, the final season of the six-team NHL. That’s the longest drought of any NHL team. The Leafs haven’t even played in the Stanley Cup final since that 1967 triumph.

There’s a sense, though, that times could be changing in Toronto. The Leafs revamped their front office and coaching staff, and underwent an upgrade in their scouting department. The end result is a team loaded with some of the finest young talent in the league. As well, top free agents are once again viewing Toronto as a worthy destination.

Toronto Maple Leafs next game

You should know all there is about the Leaf’s next opponent if you plan on putting down some money. Analyze their opponent to see where their weaknesses and strengths lie.

Are the Leafs playing an Atlantic Division opponent or are they on a road trip to the West Coast of Canada or the USA? Do they have any injuries to top players, or are their opponents minus key players? This is the kind of stuff you should be looking into before placing your next wager on the Leafs.

Usually, placing an over bet on the Leafs is a very wise wager, as their offense is among the more explosive in the NHL. They also have a somewhat leaky defense, so looking at the upcoming opponent as well as the Leafs themselves is advisable.

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Toronto Maple Leafs Regular Season Schedule

Stay up to date with the Leafs regular season schedule. Don’t slack off if you intend on placing a wager on a Leafs game. Keep one ear to the ground to ensure you make a quality bet.

If you, like the players, go into a game unprepared, don’t be surprised when you come out the other end battered, bruised and carrying a lighter wallet. It’s not neuroscience but it is crucial to do your homework and come prepared to class. You’ll even start to like it after a while.

One thing to always keep in mind with the Leafs is that they enjoy one of the least dominant home-ice advantages in the NHL and it has nothing to do with how they are playing. Toronto is the center of the hockey universe, and every Canadian NHL player grew up watching the Leafs on Hockey Night In Canada. And when these Canadian players play on Saturday night against the Leafs, they know that the game is being broadcast coast to coast. All of their friends and family will be watching, so they want to put on a good show.

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Toronto Maple Leafs Standings

After a long sojourn in the hockey hinterland, the Leafs are once again making the playoffs on a consistent basis. And they are also contenders for the Atlantic Division title. Check the standings to find out how teams are performing around them. Be wary of wagering on games involving traditional rivals such as Montreal and Detroit, when form charts often go out the window.

Leafs Nation travels well, and as the only English Canadian team in the NHL for many decades, there’s a strong core of Toronto fans in attendance at games in other Canadian markets, as well as in U.S. border cities like Detroit and Buffalo. It’s not uncommon to hear the Go Leafs Go chant in those rinks, making the visiting Leafs feel like they are at home.

Don’t forget about the excitement of prop bets. Dig deep into the analytics so you can source the perfect wager. The sense of reward and accomplishment you’ll feel after a winning bet will keep you coming back for more. And it will cement further the importance of prior research.

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Toronto Maple Leafs Betting Tips

Led by budding superstar Auston Matthews, the Leafs, with their skilled, youthful lineup, are a team revitalized. They should consistently make the post season for years to come. They have drafted effectively and assembled a youthful core that is developing into a club that should be a Stanley Cup contender for years to come.

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Despite many lean years on the ice, the popularity of the Leafs has never waned. Toronto's home rink, the Scotiabank Arena, holds 18,900 seats, of which 15,500 are seasons tickets.

There are some 10,000 people on waiting lists for season tickets, and with a renewal rate of 99.5 percent, it is estimated that it will take 250 years to clear the existing waiting list. Forbes Magazine lists the value of the Leafs franchise at $1.4 billion.

Johnny Toronto

The arrival John Tavares to the Leafs in the summer of 2018, when he was the NHL's most coveted unrestricted free agent, signalled the arrival of a new era in Toronto. Suddenly, the league's most coveted player viewed Toronto as the best landing spot.

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Perhaps the presence of more high-end talent in town can put a halt to some other Toronto droughts. The Leafs haven't suited up a Hart Trophy winner since 1954-55. Toronto's last Vezina Trophy win was in 1964-65. The Leafs have never produced a Norris Trophy winner, and the last time a Leaf led the NHL in scoring was in 1937-38.

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