How To Bet On Toronto Maple Leafs

The Toronto Maple Leafs are a franchise steeped in history and success. Their 13 Stanley Cup triumphs makes them second only to Montreal for the label of most successful hockey team. However, the Leafs haven’t won a Stanley Cup in 48 years, the longest drought of any NHL team. Make no bones about it, Leafs fans are despearte for another taste of cahmpagne from Lord Stanley. And fans, with the Leafs’ abundance of young talent, have a lot to look forward. Austin Matthews is their franchise player but the top draft pick has a lot of support.

Toronto Maple Leafs next game

You should know all there is about the Leaf’s next opponent if you plan on putting down some money. Analyze their opponent to see where their weaknesses and strengths lie.  [+]

Are the Leafs playing a division opponent or are they on a road tripi to the west coast of Canada? Do they have any injuries to top players or are their opponents resting key players? This is the kind of stuff you should be looking into before placing your next wager on the Leafs.

Usually, it’s placing an under on the Leafs is a pretty safe bet as their offense has been lackuster in the current 2015-16 campaign. Then again, they have a somewhat leaky defense so the bet will depend more on the opponent than the Leafs themselves. 

My Team's Next MatchToronto Maple Leafs

Toronto Maple Leafs Regular Season Schedule

Stay up to date with the Leafs regular season schedule. Don’t slack off if you intend on placing a wager on a Leafs game. Keep one ear to the ground to ensure you make a quality bet.  [+]

If you, like the players, go into a game unprepared don’t be surprised when you come out the other end battered, bruised and carrying a lighter wallet. It’s not neuroscience but it is crucial to do your homework and come prepared to class. You’ll even start to like it after a while. 

Results / FixturesToronto Maple Leafs

Toronto Maple Leafs Standings

Start getting used to the Leafs once again making the playoffs on a consistent basis. Check the standings to find out how teams are performing around them. [+]

Don’t forget about the excitement of prop bets. Dig deep into the analytics so you can source the perfect wager. 

The sense of reward and accomplishment you’ll feel after a winning bet will keep you coming back for more. And it will cement further the importance of prior research. 

StandingsToronto Maple Leafs

Toronto Maple Leafs Betting Tips 

The Leafs, with their skilled, youthful lineup, are a team revitalized. They are great outsider future bets to consider. While they’re currently probably too young to make a Cup run, the Leafs should consistently make the post season for years to come.

Led by 19-year-old Austin Matthews, 19-year-old Mitchell Marner, 20-year-old William Nylander, 23-year-old Morgan Reilly, the Leafs are equipped with one of the most promising rosters in the NHL.

And, as you’d expect, goals aren’t hard to come by for the new-look run-and-gun Leafs. Frederik Andersen is a good starting goaltender, but the Leafs defense still has a lot to learn, as Toronto still concedes more than their fair share of goals. Lean toward the overs market when betting on Leafs games. 

Also, the Leafs are markedly better on home ice. Look to back the Leafs at home and you’ll win more often than not. They will, however, be favorites for most home games so you might want to include them as part of a bigger parlay

Dig into more advanced analytics as the Leafs might be a good team to back when pegged as the underdog. Have a look at their Adjusted Efficiency Margin and look to back them against a top team that doesn’t deserve their favorite billing. 

The Leafs are a great puck-possession team, which is unarguably a crucial part of the current NHL. Take a look at their Corsi Rating to find out how well they rate in a category that is fast increasing in popularity for hockey bettors.