Hopefully things get better for the Phoenix Suns next year. Whatever the cost, the team needs to improve beforehand. Things shouldn’t have been this bad for the Suns in 2015-2016, but their results have been miserable. With both Morris brothers now gone, and Eric Bledsoe injured, there isn’t much going on in Phoenix. Brandon Knight is scoring but he’s a one-man show and not equipped to lead a team. Last summer’s big free agent acquisition, Tyson Chandler, can only defend so well. His offensive game has been stifled, scoring only 6 per game. [+]

Bledsoe is out for the year with a torn meniscus in his knee and was one of the only reasons to watch the Suns before he went down in December.

More than three quarters of the team’s wins came before January. It then became crystal clear that the Suns were not up to this year’s challenge. 

Right now, Phoenix is among the three worst teams in league, joined by the Los Angeles Lakers and Philadelphia 76ers. And with the slide only continuing, you’ll have to be rather astute when wagering in matches that involve the Suns. 

Phoenix Suns Next Game

Do you know who the Phoenix Suns play next? Have a look below and keep track of the Suns up-to-date game odds, too. It has been dismal for Phoenix and they shouldn’t be bet on, even if they play Philadelphia or the Lakers. There will be management and coaching changes at the end of the year, no doubt.

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Phoenix Suns Regular Season Schedule

Make sure to reference the Phoenix Suns regular season schedule before making your sports betting forecast. A prepared bettor is more often than not a better bettor. Like most teams in the league, Phoenix plays worse on the road, so take them in a home matchup if you have to bet on them. 

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Phoenix Suns Standings

The year cannot end soon enough for the Suns, who will be hoping for the No. 1 pick, or at least a good player in the top five should they lose the draft lottery.

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Brandon Knight's First Suns Appearance

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