How To Bet On Dallas Stars

An NHL power in the late 1990s and into the early 2000s, the Dallas Stars fell on hard times for a bit after that but are now on the way back to the top. Or so we thought. Dallas is a perplexing team as they’ve gone from the powerhouse of the Western Conference to an inconsistent pretender. But they have the personnel to get back where they belong, near the top of the Western Conference.  [+]

The current Stars outfit features some of the most potent scoring talent in the National Hockey League. During an era where goal scoring is at a premium across the league, the Stars are a throwback, playing an up tempo style of game. But that’s also where their problems exist as if you don’t play sound defensive hockey, no matter how good you’re attack is, you won’t win the Stanley Cup. 

Dallas Stars Next Game

The Dallas Stars are the closest thing to an NBA team in the NHL today. Loaded with elite skille level forwards and slick puck moving defenders, they can pile up the goals in rapid fashion. [+]

But they are also susceptible defensively and can surrender goals at a similar rate of pace. What this means is that no Stars lead is safe, while no Dallas disadvantage may necessarily be insurmountable. 

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Dallas Stars Regular Season Schedule

Scan, analyze, dissect and monitor the Dallas Stars schedule to get a good understanding of what they’re up against in future games. It will provide the chance to find future betting gems. 

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Dallas Stars Standings

These are the NHL standings. Study closely not only where the Dallas Stars are situated, but also where their upcoming opponents are ranked in the overall picture. [+]

It’s good to know the scenario that each team finds itself in as game time approaches. Who needs the two points more desperately? Is one team on a long road trip, or in the midst of a losing skid? Is either club hampered by key injuries? Being aware of all of these factors will aid in making successful wagers.

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Dallas Stars Betting Predictions

When they were among the NHL’s top clubs in the late 1990s and early 2000s, the Stars were built around defense and goaltending. Though they suited up top scorers like future Hall of Famers Mike Modano and Brett Hull, they preferred a tight-checking style to limit the other team’s ability to score.

As they try to climb back into contender status, the current Stars have done a 180-degree turn from that formula.

Already with some high-end offensive talent in their lineup, Dallas have gone out and acquired even more top scorers to play a run and gun style of hockey that’s exciting to watch. But it isn’t Stanlley Cup-type hockey and it cost them in the 2016-17 season. They’ll need to play better defensively to start entering contender chat once more. 

However, the Stars can still be good outside futures bets. They’re odds to win the Stanley Cup will be quite long entering the 2017-18 campaign so putting a few bucks down on them isn’t such a bad idea. Sure, it’s a longshot, but a few bucks shouldn’t hurt your overall betting bankroll too much. 

Taking Top Seeds

The Stars will be conisdered both favorites and underdogs depending on who they play, which makes it paramount to understand their adjusted efficiency margin. It will help you determine whether they can upset top seeds or be upset by purported underdogs. 

10-Game Metrics

Don’t forget to analyze how your team has performed in the previous 10 games. It’s a great metric to further analyze whether it’s worth backing your team on certain evenings.