Sports Betting With IKoruna

Sports Betting With IKoruna
  • Low fees
  • Facilitates MasterCard deposits
  • Easily accessible

Betting Sites That Use iKoruna

Currently very few sports betting sites in North American support iKoruna as a deposit method, but outside of the North American market, it is serviced by Bet DSI and Bookmaker in Europe. [+]

Still, there is always hope that there will be more sites that support iKoruna in the near future.

No sportsbooks is available for those criterias.

Founded in the Czech Republic in 2011, iKoruna is still very much in its emerging stages in the North American market, which includes online sports betting. Although it might not be too widely known, iKoruna does offer notable advantages for sports betting enthusiasts. When it comes to making deposits, the fee is relatively low. We’re looking forward to it making a splash in the US. [+]

iKoruna is also very easily accessible to mobile users due to it having applications for Mac iOS and Android. Like Paypal, iKoruna is a system designed for the transfer of money. Moreover, money is transferrable to anyone, regardless of whether the receiver has an account or not.

How To Deposit With iKoruna

While it has rather limited recognition in North America, iKoruna is used in retail outlets and for online money transfers in Europe. iKoruna operates on an electronic wallet (e-wallet) that is usable for both online and offline business services. The transfer of money with iKoruna happens instantly and money can even be transferred to people without accounts. iKoruna works for various types of deposits, including MasterCard payments.