Remember when the San Francisco 49ers were sportsbooks darlings? It seems like forever ago. They made three consecutive NFC championship games and one Super Bowl appearance, all while clearing 11 victories during each regular season season, between 2011 and 2013. Then, quite suddenly, they imploded, resulting in the dumpster fire we see now. They grabbed just five victories in 2015, and there aren't a ton of signs suggesting they'll be much better in 2016. [+]

New head coach Chip Kelly should finally install a noticeable offensive blueprint, something the 49ers have lacked over the last couple years. But it's not totally clear if he plans on riding with incumbent starter Colin Kaepernick or Blaine Gabbert at the quarterback.

Kaepernick seems like the obvious choice. He is but two years removed from stardom under center. But he has fallen out of public favor during that time, and Kelly is nothing if not unpredictable.

There isn't much headway for the 49ers to make in their own NFC West division, either. They are nowhere near as well stocked as the Arizona Cardinals or Seattle Seahawks, and the Los Angeles Rams, though expected to slot rookie Jason Goff as the starting quarterback, have a more well rounded roster than San Francisco.

Another fourth place divisional finish, then, could be in store for the 49ers. At best, they look like a third place team, which doesn't make them anything more than spot weekly plays.

Best San Francisco 49ers Betting Lines

Review the best San Francisco 49ers betting lines right there. You'll find everything you need—kickoff times, spreads, overs, unders and moneylines—to make a winning wager just below. [+]

Condition yourself to circle back and check in on these lines right up until you actually place your wager. Game lines can change a ton at the NFL level after publishing. There is typically a few days before the game actually kicks off, so the odds are invariably impacted by any sudden injuries, returns or unexpected action on a certain team or particular wager.

Point being: You want the most accurate information on the bettling lines front. This page provides you with just that and will update automatically with any tweaks or movement. So do yourself a favor and bookmark it. You'll be glad you did.

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San Francisco 49ers Regular Season Schedule

The San Francisco 49ers' entire regular season schedule can be found just below. Smart bettors will use this underrated tool to the best of their advantage. [+]

To start, you can look at upcoming matchups, studying the 49ers' opponets. Game lines won't be available too far in advance, but judging play styles, records, injury reports and depth charts helps you frame an opinion that can be used to choose the best possible wager once the game odds go live.

More importantly, the schedule is a chance for you to go over the outcomes of past games. The scores will tell you a whole lot about when you should and shouldn't invest in the 49ers. 

Find out if they're better at covering spreads at home or on the road. See if they have forged a reliable over or under identity. Uncover which types of teams, offensive specialistis or defensive dynamos, give them problems or prove to be good matchups.

This is all basic information—easy to document and apply. But it's also incredibly important, providing one of your best shots at gaining marked advantages over the sportsbooks on a weekly basis.

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What Are The San Francisco 49ers Standings

Trying to find the San Francisco 49ers' place in the standings? Look no further than right here.  [+]

Midseason futures bettors will find this useful. It shows you where the 49ers sit in their division, the NFC and relative to the rest of the NFL. And that, in turn, tells you whether they are in play for any big picture futures.

If their record doesn't hold up with those at the top of the NFL, NFC or NFC West, you'll know to search for opportunities elsewhere.

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