How To Bet On Golden State Warriors

Betting on the Golden State Warriors is easier than ever, in the sense you should absolutely do it. They are more talented now than they were during the 2015-16 campaign, when they broke the single-season record with 73 victories. Sure, they’ve secured fewer wins, but that’s immaterial. They took that core, and added Kevin Durant, a top-five player, to it. They’re wiser now after going through their championship run in 2015, their history-making regular season last year and then the letdown in the 2016 NBA Finals. [+]

They know to play the long game, so there will be times when they check out, try to coast or just plain rest.

None of those one-off losses matter so long as the Warriors remain healthy. Everything related to the NBA title still comes back to them. A teams needs to beat them four times in seven tries, and while we saw the Cleveland Cavaliers do it last year, it’s unlikely they do it again this year. And it’s not just them or the Boston Celtics, the two Eastern Conference finalists, we’re talking about. It’s everyone. 

Golden State is as close to unbeatable as it gets.

Golden State Warriors Next Game


Betting on the Golden State Warriors should be quite simple—you put money on them to win, as long as they’re starting a healthy lineup.

Even if the line is hugely in favour of the Warriors and you feel like the underdog could make you some money, there’s no sense in putting down a big wager. You wouldn’t bet against the ’96 Bulls, would you?

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Golden State Warriors Regular Season Schedule


Looking at the schedule, Golden State is heavily favored in each matchup. Survey the upcoming landscape so that you can plan some of your bets ahead.

Game lines won’t always be available, but you can at least estimate how much the Warriors should be favored by comparing records, play styles, recent hot or cold streaks, etc.

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Golden State Warriors Standings

The Spurs always seem to hang around, but they have been unable usurp the Warriors in the standings. No one does. That doesn’t figure to change for the foreseeable future.

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Better Golden State Betting Tips

Investing in the Warriors is pretty straightforward.

Though their point differentials are often huge, it’s usually a good idea to take their spread. If it’s 15 or more points, and they’re going up against a known title contender like the Cavaliers or Spurs, it’s okay to roll with the underdog. Beyond that, if they’re at full strength, they are going to be your pick.

The over should also be a good moneymaker. Sportsbooks will continue to drive up the end-game totals whenever the Warriors play, because they continue to reinvent the relationship between volume scoring and efficiency. But don’t let that intimidate you.

Unless they are going up against a top-five defense that also happens to play at one of the NBA’s five slowest paces, you have nothing to worry about. They try to get up and down the floor in a hurry, which generates offense by default, for both teams, through extra possessions. 

So, again, when you see an over/under mark of 225, don’t be afraid to work it with the over. The Warriors have the necessary firepower in Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green to clear such benchmarks.

And finally, on the futures front, they’re your most logical Western Conference Finals and NBA Finals pick. They’ve now won three straight Western Conference titles after beating the Spurs this year, and though the Cavaliers are the reigning champs, the NBA Finals rubber match these two appear destined for starkly favors Golden State.