Oh how the not so mighty have fallen even further. The Detroit Lions just wrapped up a discouraging seven win season and missed the playoffs for the fourth time in five years. This came one season after they rattled off 11 wins and got bounced in the NFC wild card game. To say things aren’t looking good for them on the betting front moving forward would be a gross understatement. There is almost nothing about the Lions’ roster that stands out anymore. Not even their offense. [+]

Running back, Joique Bell is gone, superstar wide receiver Calvin Johnson recently retired and the front office hasn’t added anyone of note to help improve this ebbing attack.

Quarterback Matthew Stafford suddenly isn’t young anymore, either. He is 28, entering his eighth season and surrounded by a bone thin supporting cast. It will be mighty tough for him to build off his career high completion percentage and personal low intereception count from last season with the team that’s around him now.

To you, then, the Lions should be nothing.

Test them on single game plays at the sportsbooks, but don’t even think about viewing them as reliable favorites or NFC and Super Bowl contenders.

Best Detroit Lions Betting Lines

These are the best betting lines around for the Detroit Lions’ next game. Rather than having you spend time looking elsewhere, we’ve brought the most favorable odds to you. [+]

Just make sure you’re returning to this page before you place your bet, even if you’ve already checked out the numbers. NFL lines are always liable to change since they’re published so far in advance, and it’s important that you have the most up to date odds in front of you so that you can make the best, most informed possible wager.

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Detroit Lions Regular Season Schedule

This is the entirety of the Detroit Lions’ regular season schedule. You will learn to love this page if you’re a fan of preparing for bets in advance. [+]

To start, keep tabs on the past scores and outcomes of Lions games. This helps you ask a ton of questions, the answers to which will later shape your bet on or against the Lions depending on their type of opponent.

Are they covering the spread at home? How do they fare against it on the road? Have they revealed themselves to be strong over investments? Which types of teams do they struggle or succeed against most, top tier offenses or league lording defenses? What is their record against division rivals? Do they cover the spread against above .500 teams? How about when they’re playing squads with a losing records.

Cover all your bases. Ask all these questions, and more. You won’t regret the information you glean by uncovering the answers.

From there, you can take the results you’ve concocted and apply them to a future game. You won’t have the lines for matchups that are weeks in advance, but you can still compare and contrast the play styles, roster, record or any recent winning or losing streaks. That will be a enough for you to formulate a betting preference for when the lines are officially released.

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What Are The Detroit Lions Standings

Take a look at the Detroit Lions’ place in the standings. Midseason futures bettors need to make this a part of their gambling research routine. [+]

Should you find that the Lions are hanging with the best teams in their division—the Green Bay Packers and Minnesota Vikings—such future odds are suddenly in play. If for some reason the Lions’ record is also stacking up aganst known commodities like the Seattle Seahawks or Carolina Panthers, that’ll be all you need to budget more research on Detorit’s NFC and Super Bowl odds.

The Lions, of course, won’t be reaching this level for quite a while. Last season’s implosion coupled with the inevitable hardships of their 2016 campaign all but guarantee they won’t be a part of this conversation.

Sill, you’ll know for certain by looking the Lions’ spot in the standings.

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How To Win Detroit Lions Bets

Work the over on Detroit Lions games. This cannot be overstated enough. 

Detroit's defense is going to be bad, just like it was last year. The Lions ranked 23rd in points allowed per game and didn't add anyone over the offseason who can help them reinvent their play style on that side of the ball.

Chances are, then, the Lions will be just as bad, if not worse, on the less glamorous end of the ball. That automaticlaly drums up their over appeal. Their offense takes care of the rest.

Yes, the Lions lost Calvin Johnson and haven't even come remotely close to replacing him. But Matthew Stafford is nothing if not a passing cannon. The Lions will give him the green light to let 'er rip, and the influx of big time gains from such high usage, even if they're rare, should help the Lions put up enough points to justify their over potential.

Though most futures on the Detroit Lions' upcoming football nuptials should be painted as taboo, the win total game is a different story.

Detroit replaced him with Marvin Jones from the Cincinnati Bengals, but even with Johnson struggling over the last two seasons, that's not enough to help the team re-establish itself as a top-10 offensive threat.

Realistically, the Lions can, and should, end up ranking in the bottom 10 of both points scored and points allowed per game. They flirted with the idea last season as it was; they ranked 18th in points scored and 23rd in points allowed. It shouldn't get any better for them now—especially when you consider their collective question marks, Ameer Abdullah and Theo Riddick, in the backfield, behind Matthew Stafford.