How To Bet On Los Angeles Kings

If you were to look up hard to play against in the dictionary, you’d find a team photo of the Los Angeles Kings. Twice since 2012 the Kings have won the Stanley Cup by using their physically imposing size to wear down opponents into submission over the course of a seven-game series. You might have the Kings down, but don’t take your foot off the gas until you take them out, or like a horror movie villain, they will rise up and wreak havoc yet again. [+]

Armed with plenty of scoring, minute munching defenders and a netminder who is miserly in terms of surrendering goals, the Kings are always a playoff threat. 

Los Angeles Kings Next Game

Like every team that plays on the West Coast, where they have been playing can significantly impact the Los Angeles Kings’ next game. Are they in the midst of a difficult road swing? [+]

No teams face a more difficult travel schedule than the players from the Pacific Division. It’s always a factor to keep in mind when considering backing the Kings.

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Los Angeles Kings Regular Season Schedule

It’s important to know the Los Angeles Kings regular season schedule as they’re a team that puts on plenty of travel miles during the season, which eventually effects results. 

Results / FixturesLos Angeles Kings

Los Angeles Kings Standings

The Los Angeles Kings are usually expected to make the playoffs, but the tide might be changing now. Keep tack of where the Kings sit in the standings before placing your wagers. 


StandingsLos Angeles Kings

Los Angeles Kings Betting Predictions

When it comes to the Stanley Cup, the Kings are all about firsts. They were the first California-based team to play in the final when the Kings faced the Montreal Canadiens in 1993, and in 2012, became the first eighth-seeded team to go all the way to win the cup.

Two years later they were the only team in NHL history to lose their first three playoff games, falling behind 3-0 to the San Jose Sharks in the opening round before rallying to win the Stanley Cup. Los Angeles joined the 1941-42 Toronto Maple Leafs as the only teams to come back from a 3-0 deficit in a best-of-seven series and win the Stanley Cup.

Born from the 1967 expansion, for years the Kings were known more for their gaudy purple and gold uniforms than any on-ice success.

Two of the six players in NHL history to score 700 or more career goals – Wayne Gretzky (894) and Marcel Dionne (731) – won  scoring titles while wearing Kings colors. It wasn’t until Gretzky arrived in a 1988 blockbuster trade with the Edmonton Oilers that the Kings finally achieved status as a legitimate contender.

Corsi Ratings

Before making your Kings bets, delve into their top player’s Corsi Ratings. Anze Kopitar and Justin Brown had a consistently good Corsi Rating whether or not both players were in the lineup, a really good indicator of a solid, consistent team.

It means that the Kings were good enough and deep enough to thrive even if Brown or Kopitar weren’t in the lineup. 

Taking the Number One Seed

Things are shifting a little bit in La La Land. But you can never count this team out. Never known for regular season dominance, the Kings pose a real threat if they manage to make the postseason. They play a tight, gritty throwback style of play that poses a real threat in a seven-game series. 

Like the Oilers, their divisional counterpart, the Kings have what it takes to upset a number one, two or three seed. The playoffs is all about goaltending and defensive prowess, something the Kings have in droves. Jonathan Quck and Ben Bishop are two world-class goalies, while Drew Doughty, one of the league’s best defenders, polices the blue line with experience and aplomb. 

If they come up against a number 1 or 2 seed in the postseason, don’t be surprised if the Kings pull of an improbable upset. But maybe it won’t be as improbable as you think.

Take a look at both team’s adjusted margin efficiency to see if LA are great-value underdogs.

10-Game Metrics

And, as always, ensure you analyze both teams 10-game form before placing a bet on, or against, the Kings. It’s always a good metric, one that offers insight into how the team is performing in the last three to four weeks. Five games is a bit too short, but 10 games is just right.