For a franchise as accustomed to winning as the Devils, the past half-decade has been unfamiliar territory. The team seemingly torpedoed after a 2012 Stanley Cup loss to the Kings. What followed was five straight playoff-less seasons — which tied a team record for the longest postseason drought set back when the franchise was first founded. 

Between those two bad stretches, the Devils qualified for the playoffs each season except three times from 1987 to 2012. They also claimed a trio of Stanley Cup trophies during that run.  

However, optimism has been restored, thanks in large part to left winger Taylor Hall. His astounding 93-point season in 2018 not only helped New Jersey return to the postseason, but also earned him the Hart Trophy given annually to the league MVP. It was the first time ever that a Devils player had won the award.

The presence of Hart — undeniably one of the league’s best offensive threats — gives New Jersey a winning chance every single night out. Nonetheless, they’ll need a better supporting cast around Hart to return the franchise to its old ways. As it stands, the Devils are a fringe playoff team, nothing more and nothing less. 

This is your guide to betting on or even against New Jersey. Below you’ll find our best-value tips, game odds, season schedule, and standings. Start here before you lay down on money on the team. 

New Jersey Devils Next Game

Here you’ll find up-to-minute odds of the Devils’ next matchup. A common trap bettors tend to fall into is picking games based on how two teams performed against a common opponent. Let’s say New Jersey is facing inter-division foe Pittsburgh. A casual bettor might think if the Penguins beat the Flyers, but the Flyers beat the Devils, then Pittsburgh should beat New Jersey. Whatever you do, don’t do this! Hockey, and all sports for that matter, is about matchups. Can the Devils use their team strength to exploit an opponent’s weakness or vice-versa? Analyzing games this way gives you a substantially better shot at winning.  

NHL - League 2023
Friday, Dec 01, 202307:00 PM
San Jose Sharks@New Jersey Devils
NHL - League 2023
Tuesday, Dec 05, 202310:00 PM
New Jersey Devils@Vancouver Canucks
NHL - League 2023
Thursday, Dec 07, 202310:30 PM
New Jersey Devils@Seattle Kraken
Last update on Dec 4, 2023 08:46 AM

New Jersey Devils Regular Season Schedule

Below is New Jersey’s entire 82-game schedule. Go ahead and circle matchups against bitter foe New York Rangers as the cross-river rivalry is one of the most heated in all of the NHL. Moreover, keep close tabs on homestands or road trips. Both can swing momentum greatly, either positively or negatively. For the Devils, embarking on the road — especially if it’s in a different time zone — can wreak havoc. Bettors need to be keenly aware of the effect of fatigue. 

Results / FixturesNew Jersey Devils

New Jersey Devils Standings

The Devils compete in the Metropolitan division in the Eastern Conference. Below are the latest standings. Remember, eight teams qualify for the postseason out of the East. The playoff race really picks up after the All-Star game in late January. It is then when you should keep your eyes glued to where New Jersey and their upcoming opponent stands. Getting a feel for the standings will help you gauge which team needs a win more badly and which can coast. A team’s motivation level on a per-game basis should never be overlooked.  

StandingsNew Jersey Devils

New Jersey Devils Online Betting Tips

It's painfully obvious the Devils' franchise is looking toward the future. The evidence is in the roster, which is dotted with players under the age of 30.

Moreover, the front office has played it quietly over the past few offseasons, banking on internal growth instead of splashy acquisitions. 

The strategy is admirable — unless you're a bettor thinking about putting future wagers on New Jersey. We'd strongly advise against that, at least for now.

The Devils could sneak into the playoffs, but anything after that, including a division or conference title, is nothing more than a pipe dream.  

Another side effect of a youth movement is lack of depth, which clearly plagues the Devils right now. An injury here and there to a big contributor could wreak disaster for such a young team. Therefore, monitor the injury report just as closely as team stats and betting lines.

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If there's a bet we love making on the Devils on a game-per-game basis it's the over/under. Presently, New Jersey suffers from an anemic offense — this despite having a dynamic scorer like Hall on the ice. Outside of Hall, the front line just hasn't been able to get rolling. All things considered, betting the under is the wise bet to make, particularly if the Devils are facing an equally offensively-challenged team. 

One last tidbit of advice that's obvious, but bears repeating: be keenly aware of recent trends pertaining to the Devils.

Bettors and hockey teams alike can relate to the ebbs and flows of playing over a long time. If New Jersey struggled during early-season games in November that doesn't necessarily mean the same will happen in March. A better measure to figure out where the Devils are trending is by comparing games in the last week or two. 

For a young team like New Jersey, stringing together a few losses or wins can get into their head more easily than a more experienced unit. Use this to your advantage when betting daily. 

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