Bolstered by two of the biggest thumpers in the National League in first baseman Joey Votto and rightfielder Jay Bruce, the Reds have some of the sneakiest offensive firepower in the NL Central. Though they have two different styles, each brings a vital element to Cincinnati’s chances at making an upset run to the playoffs in 2016. However, it would take a herculean performance by both Votto, Bruce and the rest of the hitting rotation to lift the Reds to the postseason given their lackluster record of 64-98 in 2015. [+]

The two combined for 61 home runs in 2015 (35 for Votto and 26 for Bruce), but they will have to compensate for the free agent departures of third baseman Todd Frazier (White Sox) and also outfielder Marlon Byrd (Indians).



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Even though the Reds have some solid players that they have to replace, Cincy still features Votto as their centerpiece. The 2010 NL MVP, Votto is a four-time All-Star but he last made the team in 2013. While 2015 was not a down year for Votto, he might be on the downside of his career.

There are however, some other solid players that can emerge to pick up the slack. Chief among them are veterans Brandon Phillips and also shortstop Zack Cozart. Phillips is three-time All-Star himself and Cozart has been the early hitting leader for the Reds to start 2016. While both are over 30, they can still can be servicable players in any team's rotation. 

One of the players to keep an eye on is centerfielder Billy Hamilton who is one of the fastest players in baseball. Hamlton set the Minor League record for stolen bases in a season with 155 and stole a Reds rookie record 55 bags in in 2014. He progressed in 2015 by stealing a team-high 57 bases.

Though he struggled in the batter's box as most speed players do (.226 batting average), he has the potential to be the most exciting player on Cincinnati's team for the rest of the decade if he can stay healthy and develop a complete game. 

With 2015 being their worst win-loss total since 1982, the Reds have a long way to go get back to the postseason, but there could be some potential upsets they can snag along the way.

Oddly enough, while Cincinnati posted a losing record against nearly every team in baseball last year, they actually were successful against two of the NL's top teams in the Pittsburgh Pirates and the Washington Nationals. The Reds posted a record of 11-8 against the Bucs and were an impressive 5-1 in games agains the Bryce Harper-led Nationals.

This would indicate that there are some definite opportunities to snag an upset game in the 2016 season. Some matchups that you might want to stay away from are any NL West team (8-24 combined) and the New York Mets (0-7). Of course each year is different, but the Reds did not make any substantial upgrades in the offseason to offset what happened in 2015. 

With the Reds so-so hitting lineup detailed above, there are definitely some things to be desired when it comes to the starting pitching rotation for Cincy.

The player with the most on his resume is 35-year old veteran Alfredo Simon. The native of the Dominican Republic made his only All-Star in 2014 with the Reds and will be relied on to guide one of the youngest rotations in baseball. Beyond Simon, the rest of the Cincy rotation is fairly green. Tim Adleman made his debut in 2016, Brandon Finnegan is only 23, Dan Straily joined the Reds this season and John Lamb made his debut late in 2015. 

Indeed there is some potential for Simon and the rest of the older Reds to mentor the young players, but don't expect Cincinnati to make any big waves in 2016 other than a few upsets here and there.

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