Gambling on the Green Bay Packers is routinely a rewarding experience. They have been one of the NFL’s most consistently good teams dating back to the Brett Favre era. But last season was admittedly weird. Though the Packers still pounded out 10 wins, they labored through a plethora of injuries and, as the season solidered on, never quite entered a groove that made you believe they would make a legitimate NFC championship or Super Bowl push. And yet the Packers, despite ceceding divisional control to the Minnesota Vikings, gave the Arizona Cardinals everything they could handle in the playoffs. [+]

Just imagine what they could do this upcoming season when they’re close to full strength.

Standout wide receivers Jordy Nelson, who missed all of 2015, and Randall Cobb will be ready to go in time for opening day. And the Packers now have a third discovery in Davante Adams, who showed up in a big way while Nelson was out and Cobb was struggling.

Eddie Lacy is also healthy and expected to be in much better shape. He won’t have the same girth that allowed him to steamroll oppoing linemen, but a leaner running back can make quicker lateral movements. And misdirection is more important than power running at the halfback position these days.

Oh yeah, the Packers also have this quarterback. Some dude named Aaron Rodgers. He’s pretty good—a top-three player at his position. They should have no problem recapturing whatever mystique they lost in 2015, regaining their rightful place in the sportsbetting community as everything wagers.

Best Green Bay Packers Betting Lines

Your search for the best Green Bay Packers betting lines is over. We have aggregated the ideal spreads, moneylines, overs and unders for you to peruse. [+]

It’s smart to make revisiting this page a habitual part of your betting process. NFL game lines are wont to change after they’re published. That’s the risk of viewing odds that are dropped days before the game is taking place.

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Green Bay Packers Regular Season Schedule

Return here anytime you want to see the Green Bay Packers’ regular-season schedule in its entirety—or whenever you want to put extra prep work into your bets. [+]

Scoping out future games will help you get a jump start on the sportsbooks before they release any game odds. See how the Packers’ roster, play style, record and injury report compares to their opponent. You’ll be able to tell where they do and don’t have the advantage.

And then, once the sportsbooks make the game odds official, you’ll immediately know which team to bet on and which wager to invest in. That, subsequently, will allow you to capitalize on the initial lines, which typically offer more favorable payouts.

Reviewing the scores of past games can also be a huge help. The outcomes let you detect any consistencies or anomalies in the Packers’ play.

How are they faring against the spread at home? Do they struggle to score against top tier defenses? Is their own defense standing strong against robust offenses? Are they more of an over or under play?

Never, ever overlook the information you can glean from these questions and any similar inquiries. The answers are, in essence, a crystal ball you can use to more accurately predict the outcomes of future matchups.


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What Are The Green Bay Packers Standings

Futures bettors make note: This look at the Green Bay Packers place in the standings is deceptively invaluable. [+]

For the most part, records only tell part of the story. But when betting on midseason futures, they’re basically a tell-all pick.

If the Packers are jostling for first and second place positioning in the NFC North, you know to take a look at their divisional odds. And if their record is similar to those of obvious conference championship and Super Bowl contenders, you will have the sense to investigate their payouts on such futures.

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How To Win Green Bay Packers Bets

Get back to using the Green Bay Packers as resident spead bets.

Last season saw their offense take a step back. They ranked 15th in points per game, mostly because Aaron Rodgers was piloting an injury ravaged cast for pretty much the entire season.

Those injuries, as noted above, shouldn't be a problem this year. Everyone on the offensive side of the ball is expected to be healthy entering next season. And that's bad news for the rest of the league.

Aaron Rodgers, Jordy Nelson, Davante Adams, Randall Cobb, Eddy Lacey and James Stark make for a ridiculously awesome offensive hierarchy. Shoot, the Packers even have two No. 1 tight ends in Richard Rogers and Jared Cook. Their offensive depth chart should be illegal.

As such, they will assuredly climb not only into the top 10 of scoring, but more likely the top five. This all rests on Rodgers being healthy, but, you know, we cannot bank on him being injured. The Packers, quite simply, are going to get touchdowns. Lots of them.

Tack on their top 12 defense from last season, and they have all the tools necessary to string together wins by huge point margins.

Yes, you should monitor the defense, just to make sure it's still in the top 33 percent of the NFL's points prevention system. After all, Green Bay did lose defensive tackle B.J. Raji to retirement and cornerback Casey Hayward to the San Diego Chargers.

All in all, though, the Packers have all the weapons they need. Covering spreads more often than not, as underdogs or favorites, should be no problem.

Do not hesitate to consider these Green Bay Packers everything bets. Not anymore.

Now that their offense is guaranteed to regain its previous form, there are no limits. Bet on the Packers weekly. Take a stab at the over/under on their win totals. Use them as NFC North favorites (if you please). Invest in them like you would any other NFC contender.

The Packers, in fact, are in a more certain spot than most other NFC powerhouses, including the Carolina Panthers.

Will Carolina's defense survive the loss of cornerback Josh Norman, who signed with Washington? Do the Arizona Cardinals' aging vets, specifically Larry Fitzgerald, Chris Johnson and Carson Palmer, have enough left in the tank to adequately follow up their 13 win effort in 2015?

Was the Minnesota Vikings' 11 win performance in 2015 more of a fluke than a harbinger of things to come? Does the NFC East have any team that can even flirt with a record above .500?

Realistically, the Seattle Seahawks are the lone NFC squad that is, without question, sitting prettier than the Packers. Green Bay's depth chart is brimming with high impact players in the prime of their careers—especially on offense.

So take their offseason NFC championship and Super Bowl odds seriously. This is as good as they'll get, when sportsbooks will have them as higher payouts than teams like the Cardinals or Panthers. But once the season is underway, that's subject to change. It's best to jump on the Packers' futures early.

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