Sports Betting With Amex

Sports Betting With Amex
  • Highest available limits
  • Numerous card options
  • Simple transfers

Betting Sites That Use Amex

More companies than ever now accept American Express as payment for deposits. These companies include 5Dimes, BetOnline, JustBet, Bovada, DiamondSportsbook, SportsInteraction and Legends, among many others. [+]

American Amex cardholders will typically run into issues when trying to make deposits. Though transactions can be completed without a hitch, it’s wise to explore third party outlets that will accept payment from Amex and then make deposits to your betting account on your behalf.

Always make sure these intermediaries are legitimate. A quick internet search can do the trick, and you can also consider other forms of convenient payment if go-between sites make you feel uneasy.

American Express isn’t just a status-serving credit card anymore. It’s a convenient method for depositing funds into your betting account. Just as plenty of stores and shops now accept it, there are many sites that will let you fund your bankroll using your American Express card. [+]

Some American Express users outside the United States can even receive payouts using their account. Card limits and fees are something to consider, and bettors should do their research on those caveats accordingly. But for people looking to add another method of cashing out to their arsenal, it’s yet another reliable arrow in the quiver.

How To Deposit With American Express

The use of American Express can vary by your sportsbook provider, but it's mostly straightforward. Treat it like you would any other purchase made with another debit or credit card. Be wary of any accompanying fees that result from either deposits or withdrawals.

Sites that accept American Express can be of value to you even when you're not actually using it. Any company that takes Amex as a form of payment is usually in good standing. American Express is, historically, a selective company and doesn't get mixed up with rogue entities. 

Supplmentary research—the search for a betting license, for example—is still encouraged, but the fact that you can, with minimal legwork, deposit and bet with confidence is huge. And if you decide to use American Express as your preferred payment method, don't forget to shop around for sites that offer the lowest fee-to-deposit and withdrawal ratios.