How To Bet On NBA

The NBA is only growing in popularity. It’s fast-paced, superstar-driven environment appeals to fans, and offseason happenings, from the draft, to free agency, to the Summer League, to trade rumors, keeps it relevant all year round. The league’s gambling scene has grown along right with its brand, and any sports bettor worth his or her salt knows the importance of keeping up with the NBA’s intricacies in order to maximize their earning potential. [+]

We’re not just talking about single games, after all. Nor are we solely referencing money line, over/under, point spread or parlay bets. The NBA’s futures department is huge, with the Championship and conference-by-conference pictures changing frequently.

Odds can shift on a whim, and they often do. Everything referenced above, both in the offseason and during the regular season, plays a part in shaping the odds outlooks—hence, again, the paramounce of remaining up to date with every possible information-gathering method.

Social media and the internet in general have become a big part of this. Information is available to you instantly. Stats, injuries, rumors, trades, etc. Twitter is especially useful in that you’re able to gain intelligence in real time, which can help you not only make big-picture bets, but aid in live-game game wagers.

That there are so many superstars can complicate things, but that’s part of the fun. This isn’t the game from yesteryear, when a handful of superstars could manipulate the league’s standings. The Association’s top-most hierarchy is still pretty exclusive, but the middle class is clunky, giving the NBA an “Any Given Sunday” feel to it—only instead of every Sunday, it’s every night.

Consider nowadays the Golden Age of basketball betting. You have the aging superstar brigade in LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony, Chris Paul and Dwyane Wade playing in conjunction with modern-day superheroes like Anthony Davis, Stephen Curry, Damian Lillard and James Harden, and the sheer number of games keeps bettors both engaged and in the presence of never-ending opportunity.

Best NBA Betting Lines

Below you’ll find the best betting lines available. Be sure to monitor them, since they constantly change—especially as you inch closer to game time and coaches’ rotation decisions become official. [+]

But because they constantly change, they ensure you’re up to date with the latest spreads and moneylines, making it that much easier for you to capitalize on any imminent opportunities that may result from these odds shifts. Remember, the more informed you are, the more likely it is that you dominate the NBA’s betting scene.

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What Are The NBA Standings

Part and parcel of making NBA wagers is paying attention to the standings. Though they don’t always tell the whole story, they do give you a concrete idea of which teams are better than others. [+]

The point differentials are particularly helpful, as they allow you to pass judgments without exclusively relying on wins and losses, both of which can, at times, be misleading. Perusing this after each and every night will help you make informed betting decisions, whether you’re investing in a single game, a parlay or even midseason championship odds.


If you’re looking to gain a true advantage in the NBA betting scene, strongly consider familiarizing yourself with advanced stats. They’re so common these days that it’s almost unfair to refer to them as “advanced.” Almost everyone is using them, so you should probably be too. [+]

An example of this: offensive ratings and defensive ratings. They show you how many points a team scores (offense) and allows (defense) per 100 possessions. These figures are much more reliable than per-game numbers, and they really give you a firm grasp on which teams are excelling on one or both ends of the floor. And if you know a strong offense is going up against a flimsy defense, or vice versa, it becomes that much easier to pick spreads, over/unders and even moneylines.

Another benefit of going this route is what we call in-season splits. You can break down a team’s ratings by where they play (home and away) and who the play (team by team). This extra layer of specificity keeps you even more informed, ensuring you make the best possible bet.

The NBA’s official site will have all of these numbers, and the platform is ridiculously easy to navigate. There will be other statistical intel as well, which you can experiment with and decipher at your convenience.

Do not uderestimate the importance of this. Some of the world’s most lucratively successful bettors are stat nerds. The extent of your reliance on numbers can vary, but it’s worthwhile to make them a part of your daily, weekly, monthly or even sporadic wagering routine.