How To Bet On New York Knicks

Gambling on the New York Knicks has become exhausting practice. They are perennial underachievers and have a history of making really bad decisions. Every time you find yourself believing that they’re ready to meet or exceed expectations, you seem to get burned. And that’s the lesson, before even digging into the nitty gritty: Don’t be seduced by the Knicks’ grand ambitions before they’re actualized. It’s not worth it.  [+]

Betting on over/under win totals is fine. It the same as it is for every team. But conference odds, championship chances and even divisional prop bets aren’t worth your time with this squad. Not until they’ve settled into a niche, at which point you’ll have a general idea of whether you can invest in their favor.

New York Knicks Next Game

Each Knicks game brings something new, so it’s important to keep up with their most imminent opponents. You’ll want to review their foe as you would for every other team. [+]

Begin with that group’s record and play style. But the Knicks themselves are the more inconsistent party nine times out of 10. You’ll want to take recent performances—losses, wins, injuries, etc.—under advisement, before applying those parameters to their opponent. Then, and only then, are you ready to make your bet.

My Team's Next MatchNew York Knicks

New York Knicks Regular Season Schedule

Start planning your Knicks-related bets in advance with this complete overview of their schedule. For the most part, you’re trying to find games and opponents that will provide competitive matchups. [+]

It’s then that you can start thinking about whether to bet moneylines or against spreads—all while, again, avoiding those over/under wagers. 

You won’t know exact spreads and moneylines too far in advance, but this is just a loose rubric for nights you’ll want to pay attention to. If you find a team you think the Knicks can beat, or an opponent you’re certain they’ll lose to, try figuring out how far you’re willing to trust your gut.

What’s the biggest spread on which you’ll bet? How about the moneyline? Ask those questions before game night, and you’ll be ahead of most other sportsbook players.

Results / FixturesNew York Knicks

New York Knicks Standings

This is one of the rare times where an Eastern Conference team’s place in the standings helps you more on a game-by-game basis. The Knicks are by no means a playoff team. [+]

You seldom need to know where the Knicks stand until they become a playoff team. You’ll want to be more interested in their opponents, asking the following questions: How much better are they than the Knicks? If they’re worse, are they bad enough to start favoring the Knicks’ spread?

These are simple queries, yet they’re valuable all the same.

StandingsNew York Knicks

The Carmelo Anthony Question

Everything about how you bet with regard to the Knicks comes back to Carmelo Anthony. He is the player, more so than even Kristaps Porzingis, who will determine how competitive the Knicks are in the near future. 

If they trade him, it means they’ve started over. It’s at that point you avoid futures altogether. Their win totals become impossible to predict, and there’s no incentive to wasting money on conference and championship odds when you’re dealing with a non-contender.

If they keep him, your job is a bit harder. Remain apprised of free-agency and trade additions, injuries, roster substractions and everything else. Anthony is still a superstar, and the Knicks, as currently constructed, are one transformative player away from deploying a fully competent roster. 

In the event they get that player while keeping Melo, that’s when you start taking their futures seriously. Look at the roster, how their new players fit with Melo and Porzingis, and decide if their win totals are an intriguing enough prop bet.

As for those conference and championships odds, there’s not much the Knicks can do in the next year to become attractive enough plays. Wait at least until midseason in between any high-impact/positive moves before seeing if the return on conference and championships bets are worth your time and money.