Mayweather Vs. McGregor: Best Cross-Sport Battles

It’s almost here. Boxer Floyd Mayweather and MMA fighter Connor McGregor will be stepping into the ring on August 26 to stage one of the most anticipated sporting events in recent history, bar none. It doesn’t matter whether “The $180 Million Dance” is competitive or lopsided. The sheer intrigue surrounding the collision of two athletes from different, albeit marginally related, sports is enough to drive the entertainment factor through the roof.

In honor of this cross-sport clash, we harken back to some other events and dual-sport careers of similar proportions. These are the 10 most interesting journeys into different worlds, plucked from history based on two determining factors: The significance of the event in question and/or the notoriety of the athlete(s) involved. 

And spoiler alert: For your enjoyment, and in the name of expansive analysis, we’ve included an 11th multi-sport relationship at the very end. You’re welcome.

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