Lowest Scoring Super Bowl in History

The championship game is suppose to be a battle between the league’s two best teams. However, it’s not always the most exciting and competitive battle. The following ten games are the lowest scoring in Super Bowl history. Many of them were earmarked by poor offensive efforts, turnovers, penalties, and even questionable officiating. You’ll notice a trend between the ten games, though. Many of them were played in the NFL’s early days when points were more of a premium and a few of the games were some of the league’s biggest upsets ever.  

Lowest scoring Super Bowl game


When it’s all said and done, it will be a shock if the upcoming Super Bowl LI between Atlanta and New England ends up on this top-ten list. The showcase game has over/under of 59.5 points — the highest in championship history — points are expected in bunches. However, that’s not a real surprise when you consider the game’s two quarterbacks, Matt Ryan and Tom Brady. Ryan is most likely the regular season MVP this year, while Brady is making the case for best signal caller of all time. 

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Game Lines for the Super Bowl

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