Betting Sites That Accept MoneyGram

Betting Sites That Accept MoneyGram
  • Many worldwide MoneyGram locations
  • Easy to use
  • Safe and secure

Sports Betting With MoneyGram

The oldest and simplest methods end up being the best methods. There’s certainly truth in this adage when it comes to depositing money into an offshore sportsbook account via MoneyGram. 

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MoneyGram is one of the most trusted, reliable and readily available ways of sending funds by way of money transfer. Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, Moneygram has a wide network of agents and financial institutions where customers pay a small transaction fee in addition to the amount of money they’d like to transfer to another party. For American-based online bettors, MoneyGram is perhaps the safest, most dependable and simplistic way to fund an offshore sportsbook account. 

How To Deposit With MoneyGram

While it is always a good idea to determine methods of deposit before opening any sportsbook account, most major and minor providers accept MoneyGram.

In most cases, the sportsbook provides the name of an individual along with a tracking number to send with the MoneyGram deposit. Once the customer has that information, they need simply to find a local MoneyGram agent which can easily be located online. The MoneyGram representative will wire the money and the customer receives a receipt.

In many cases, the customer will then email the payment reference number to the sportsbook to assist them in reconciling and confirming the payment. Customers should always be clear about the sportsbook’s procedures for making MoneyGram deposits so contacting a representative via live chat or phone is never a bad idea. 

Occasionaly, small fees are applied depending on the amount of money being wired. Funds are generally available for wagering wiithin a few hours of receipt. In order to confirm the legitimacy of the receiving party, it’s always best practice that a customer bet only with a provider that has a recognized license issued by the government where the company resides. 

Unlike many debit and credit card deposits made by U.S. account holders into an offshore sportsbooks, MoneyGram transfers almost always get accepted on the first attempt.

There is no threat of the transaction being blocked or delayed and the transaction is completely free of personal banking information. While the process of creating a MoneyGram isn’t the fastest method available, it is probably the safest and most reliable.