Biggest NHL Trade Deadline Deals

No day during the NHL season combines hope and excitement in the same manner that the trade deadline does. While the advent of the salary camp in 2006 has dampened somewhat the wild blockbusters of years past, the reality is that teams can still find a way to fit that missing item into the lineup, to bolster their roster for a Stanley Cup run. These are some of the biggest deals in deadline day history. Some led to an upllifting experience involving Lord Stanley’s mug. Others simply broke down and broke hearts along the way. 

Blockbuster NHL Trades On Deadline Day

Which NHL team will stock up on trade deadline day and make a run for a title? Will it be a massive move, such as adding an all-star goalie, a stud defenseman or a high-powered sniper? Or will it simply be a matter of picking up some depth pieces to ensure that they are well stocked for the long grind it takes to get to 16 wins and earn the right to lift the Stanley Cup?

NHL Stanley Cup Futures
It’s a certainty that more than one team will go this route on March 1 in search of that elusive piece of a championship puzzle. Maybe they will find it, or maybe they will find themselves puzzling all summer long as to why their blockbuster deal blew up in their faces.


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