France enters every major Football tournament with a genuine chance to win. They performed admirably in the 2014 World Cup reaching the knock-out stages as Group E winners before narrowly losing to the eventual winners Germany 1-0 in the quarter-finals. They followed that up by winning the Russia World Cup in 2018, winning the game 4-2 against Croatia. Their squad continues to develop and mature with every season giving young stars such as Paul Pogba, Lucas Digne, Raphael Varane, Antoine Griezmann, and Anthony Martial the chance to gain more domestic and international experience.


Best France Football Team Betting Lines

Here are the odds for the next match France will play. Included below is their current standings which you can use to assess their form and work out where the value lies.

Friendlies - Friendlies 1
Sunday, Jun 09, 202403:15 PM
Euro Championship - Group D - 1
Monday, Jun 17, 202403:00 PM
Euro Championship - Group D - 2
Friday, Jun 21, 202403:00 PM
Last update on Jun 12, 2024 06:45 PM

France Football Team Season Schedule

Have a look below to see where and who France matches up with this season. The below schedule will show all of Wales’ fixtures, both friendlies and competitive.

⚽ World Cup2022
SeasonStatusAwayAway ScoreHome ScoreHome
2022Group Stage - 1Nov 21 - 11:00FTNetherlands20Senegal
2022Group Stage - 1Nov 21 - 08:00FTIran26England
2022Group Stage - 1Nov 20 - 11:00FTEcuador20Qatar
2022Group Stage - 1Nov 22 - 05:00FTSaudi Arabia21Argentina
2022Group Stage - 1Nov 22 - 08:00FTTunisia00Denmark
2022Group Stage - 1Nov 22 - 11:00FTPoland00Mexico
2022Group Stage - 1Nov 23 - 05:00FTCroatia00Morocco
2022Group Stage - 1Nov 23 - 08:00FTJapan21Germany
2022Group Stage - 1Nov 23 - 14:00FTCanada01Belgium
2022Group Stage - 1Nov 24 - 05:00FTCameroon01Switzerland
2022Group Stage - 1Nov 24 - 08:00FTSouth Korea00Uruguay
2022Group Stage - 1Nov 24 - 11:00FTGhana23Portugal
2022Group Stage - 1Nov 24 - 14:00FTSerbia02Brazil
2022Group Stage - 2Nov 25 - 08:00FTSenegal31Qatar
2022Group Stage - 2Nov 25 - 11:00FTEcuador11Netherlands
2022Group Stage - 2Nov 25 - 14:00FTUSA00England
2022Group Stage - 2Nov 26 - 08:00FTSaudi Arabia02Poland
2022Group Stage - 2Nov 26 - 11:00FTDenmark12France
2022Group Stage - 2Nov 26 - 14:00FTMexico02Argentina
2022Group Stage - 2Nov 27 - 08:00FTMorocco20Belgium
2022Group Stage - 2Nov 27 - 11:00FTCanada14Croatia
2022Group Stage - 2Nov 27 - 14:00FTGermany11Spain
2022Group Stage - 2Nov 28 - 05:00FTSerbia33Cameroon
2022Group Stage - 2Nov 28 - 08:00FTGhana32South Korea
2022Group Stage - 2Nov 28 - 11:00FTSwitzerland01Brazil
2022Group Stage - 2Nov 28 - 14:00FTUruguay02Portugal
2022Group Stage - 3Nov 29 - 10:00FTQatar02Netherlands
2022Group Stage - 3Nov 29 - 10:00FTSenegal21Ecuador
2022Group Stage - 3Nov 29 - 14:00FTUSA10Iran
2022Group Stage - 3Nov 30 - 10:00FTFrance01Tunisia
2022Group Stage - 3Nov 30 - 14:00FTArgentina20Poland
2022Group Stage - 3Nov 30 - 14:00FTMexico21Saudi Arabia
2022Group Stage - 3Dec 01 - 10:00FTBelgium00Croatia
2022Group Stage - 3Dec 01 - 10:00FTMorocco21Canada
2022Group Stage - 3Dec 01 - 14:00FTSpain12Japan
2022Group Stage - 3Dec 02 - 10:00FTPortugal12South Korea
2022Group Stage - 3Dec 02 - 10:00FTUruguay20Ghana
2022Group Stage - 3Dec 02 - 14:00FTBrazil01Cameroon
2022Group Stage - 3Dec 02 - 14:00FTSwitzerland32Serbia
2022Group Stage - 1Nov 21 - 14:00FTWales11USA
2022Group Stage - 2Nov 25 - 05:00FTIran20Wales
2022Group Stage - 3Nov 29 - 14:00FTEngland30Wales
2022Group Stage - 1Nov 22 - 14:00FTAustralia14France
2022Group Stage - 1Nov 23 - 11:00FTCosta Rica07Spain
2022Group Stage - 2Nov 26 - 05:00FTAustralia10Tunisia
2022Group Stage - 2Nov 27 - 05:00FTCosta Rica10Japan
2022Group Stage - 3Nov 30 - 10:00FTDenmark01Australia
2022Group Stage - 3Dec 01 - 14:00FTGermany42Costa Rica
2022Round of 16Dec 03 - 10:00FTUSA13Netherlands
2022Round of 16Dec 04 - 14:00FTSenegal03England
2022Round of 16Dec 03 - 14:00FTAustralia12Argentina
2022Round of 16Dec 04 - 10:00FTPoland13France
2022Round of 16Dec 05 - 10:00PENCroatia1 (3)1 (1)Japan
2022Round of 16Dec 06 - 10:00PENSpain0 (0)0 (3)Morocco
2022Round of 16Dec 05 - 14:00FTSouth Korea14Brazil
2022Round of 16Dec 06 - 14:00FTSwitzerland16Portugal
2022Quarter-finalsDec 09 - 14:00PENArgentina2 (4)2 (3)Netherlands
2022Quarter-finalsDec 10 - 14:00FTFrance21England
2022Quarter-finalsDec 09 - 10:00PENBrazil1 (2)1 (4)Croatia
2022Quarter-finalsDec 10 - 10:00FTPortugal01Morocco
2022Semi-finalsDec 13 - 14:00FTCroatia03Argentina
2022Semi-finalsDec 14 - 14:00FTMorocco02France
20223rd Place FinalDec 17 - 10:00FTMorocco12Croatia
2022FinalDec 18 - 10:00PENFrance3 (2)3 (4)Argentina
Last update on Jun 12, 2024 05:15 AM

France Football Team Standings

France is likely to be at the top of most groups regardless of the competition. Look below to see if they’re fighting for first or second and be very surprised if their playing catch up.

⚽ World Cup2022
Group A
Group B
Group C
4Saudi Arabia3310235-2LLW
Group D
Group E
4Costa Rica33102311-8LWL
Group F
Group G
Group H
2South Korea43111440WLD
Last update on Jun 12, 2024 05:15 AM

How To Win At France Football Team Betting

All of France’s matches since the 2018 World Cup, have shown that France is one of the best teams around. Les Bleus boast some of the most exciting talents in European football, with players like Ousmane Dembele and Kylian Mbappe claiming to be some of the best in the world at the moment.

France has won the vast majority of its friendlies, since winning the 2018 World Cup. Some of the teams they have beaten include Spain, Belgium, and Croatia.

France is excellent in front of their home fans. The team will be without their charismatic and highly talented midfielder Paul Pogba for the Qatar World Cup, as he's going to miss out due to a serious muscular injury.

Olivier Giroud, Karim Benzema, and Antoine Griezmann provide the main attacking threat up front and are both proven goalscorers and proven performers at the international level. If you prefer a bet with slightly better odds, then look at the odds on the new generation of French talents like Bayern Munich’s Kingsley Coman, PSG's Kylian Mbappe, or Manchester United’s Anthony Martial.

N’Golo Kante forced their way into the France squad after breakthrough seasons in the Premier League. Their emergence gives France an unexpected boost in squad depth.

The star players of the French side are midfielder Eduardo Camavinga and Aurélien Tchouaméni. France will reap the rewards if they utilize these players in their preferred roles at the heart of the midfield. They're both some of the most sought-after midfielders in the world, both now playing together at Real Madrid.

Many current French players don’t have a lot of caps which might nudge the bookmakers into favoring other more experienced international sides. Playing at home, however, gives France a distinct advantage, and this will undoubtedly settle their young stars, who already boast an abundance of talent and self-belief.

Are you ready to have a bet on France? Check out the offers below.