Best Horse Racing Handicappers

Handicappers might seem a dime a dozen around the track; anybody with a program and an opinion can identify themselves as such, and there’s always some guy waving around a winning ticket or bragging about some huge betting coup he’s just managed to execute. But in actuality, most “handicappers” are just garden-variety gamblers. Handicapping is a discipline that deserves as much study and attention as many mainstream pursuits.

Top 5 Horse Racing Handicappers

It requires observational skill, experience, logic, reasoning and a passion for the sport of horse racing. While there are countless legitimate cappers out there without public reputation, here are a few of the better-known and better-versed handicappers the game has known.

As the tradition of handicapping goes, most good horse players learn the esentials of the game from other horse players before going on to develop their own methods and beliefs. In short, they find what works for them. While there are few universal truths and exceptions to even the most time-tested principles of horse racing, the education of any would-be handicapper must begin with the basics. From there experience is often the best teacher, with players learning to revel in the fact that their opinions – every bettor’s individual opinons – determine the odds and profit margins. With this in mind, the bettor must learn to consider other’s opinions, but wager with their own. 

Inside the Mind of a Handicapper

Learning to think like a handicapper is indeed a process, but one that is more accessible than ever in the digital age. With webcasts, podcasts, and horse racing-dedicated television channels such as TVG and TVG2 (formerly HRTV), the beginning, intermediate and advanced horse player can easily engage in the discourse known as handicapping along with professional analysts.

The Matt Bernier Show produced by The Daily Racing Form and shown on its site and Youtube is an excellent example of the kind of lively banter handicappers regularly and joyfully engage in.

Andrew Beyer, previously mentioned in our slide of notable handicappers, began his book Picking Winners with a chapter entitled “The Joy of Handicapping.” As usual Beyer got it right. Once a player picks up on the nuances of handicapping, it’s easily one of the most enriching and engaging pursuits. Those who don’t understand handicapping might be quick to categorize horse racing as just another gambling pursuit. But horse racing is truly a game of skill for those who grasp the complexities of the sport. Human beings are inherently inquisitive and competitive.

We enjoy games of chance and tasks that involve logic and reasoning. Learning to handicap horse races provides the best of all those worlds. With just a little bit of initiative, a person of average intelligence can learn the basics and enjoy regular action. 

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