Yahoo Fantasy Review

Yahoo! Sports is considered one of the leading platforms for those who play fantasy sports games, offering dedicated pages for NFL NHL, NCAA football and basketball, MLB, NBA, PGA Tour, NASCAR and the English Premier League. Yahoo! is also the exclusive fantasy game provider to NBC Sports’ Rotoworld. Yahoo! also offers pick ’em competitions on weekly NFL and NCAA college football games, and an annual March Madness bracket competition. 

How Yahoo Fantasy Works

Yahoo! is distinctive from many sites that provide fantasy sports games because it also provides you with analysis and up to date news reports from all the sports it offers up for fantasy play.

Its Fantasy Minute and Fantasy Roto Arcade give up to the minute analysis and advice from an array of sports currently in competition, helping you to make the right choices in regards to who to start for your next fantasy game.

Yahoo Fantasy Tips

The beauty of the Yahoo! Fantasy site is that it is a one-stop shopping experience for the fantasy sports enthusiast. It will allow you to play the fantasy sports competition of your choice and provide the necessary platform to permit you to join an existing league, or offer the tools required to set up a league of your own.

Once you are in business, your individual profile page with all of your fantasy sports information will appear on the Yahoo! Fantasy site. And while you are there updating your status, you can also peruse their numerous columns offering advice on who to draft or start in any of the the various fantasy platforms they provide. There is also a regular fantasy sports podcast and a dedicated fantasy sports columnist.

Yahoo! Fantasy Football

Yahoo! fantasy football offers free live scoring, mock drafts, and redesigned mobile apps, so it's no surprise that this is one of the most popular sites to play fantasy NFL. The site also provides top-notch analysis to stay a step ahead of the competition. You can be the commissioner of your own league or opt to play in an existing public league. 

Yahoo! Fantasy Baseball

Considered the top free fantasy baseball game available on the web, Yahoo! fantasy MLB players are able to access comprehensive analysis on all teams right from the time the pitchers and catchers first report for spring training, enabling you to get down to the business of assembling your draft day preparations. You can play in a public league or start a league of your own and challenge your friends to see who is the king of baseball knowledge. 

Yahoo! Fantasy Basketball!

More people play Yahoo! Fantasy NBA than any other online basketball game and for good reason. It is the official fantasy game of the NBA, after all. Yahoo! provides NBA player video highlights, free live scoring, auction drafts, and new custom league settings, all in order to allow you to draft the team that will both run the court and rule over your league.

Yahoo! Fantasy Hockey

If you love hockey, then you will fall in love with Yahoo! fantasy hockey, the official fantasy game of the NHL. Create and run your own league, or join a current league and manage your team. Yahoo! offers free live scoring, auction drafts, expert advice, and new stat categories for hits and blocked shots. Dominate your league and even play on your cell phone with the all-new mobile app.

Other Yahoo! Fantasy Games

Pick four drivers each race week and enter the Yahoo! NASCAR fantasy league, or select a foursome prior to each PGA Tour event and garner points based on their round by round scores in that week's tour stop.

There's also pick 'em events for NFL, NCAA football and bowl games and a March Madness bracket competition. Yahoo! also offers daily fantasy competition as well.