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Betting on fantasy sports is taking off like gangbusters around the world. We’re seeing traditional bettors diversifying more and more while giving fantasy sports a try. That is because, despite what people may say about fantasy sports betting, it offers many of the same features traditional wagering does. The first and foremost thing to do when embarking on your fantasy sports betting journey is finding a reputable website you can trust.  [+] is the fantasy sports betting website leader, mainly because it offers customers a variety of playing options when signing up. The most appealing — especially for wary old-school bettors — is the option to play in a one-day league, giving customers the opportunity to cash in on some quick payouts. Of course, this has its downfalls as well, considering it is tough to determine whether certain players will perform well on a single given night. — along with — also offer season-long commitments, giving bettors the chance to create or join a league and invite friends to increase potential payouts.

Fantasy Sports Tips

The options are unlimited when it comes to fantasy sports betting. Experienced players can tackle multiple leagues, often in the same professional sport, making the challenge that more difficult.

If you’re new to the fantasy sports betting scene, it’s wise to start small with one league and work your way up to an advanced status. Play a fantasy sport you’re most familiar with in real life.

Everyone has different tastes, but for the most part, National Football League pools are the most attractive for fantasy players around the world.

If you are joining a NFL league, there are a few tips you should know before draft day.

The draft itself is considered one of, if not the most important part your fantasy football season. Your research should be based on where you are selecting. If you’re in the top 5 of your draft order, the chances you’ll get an elite running back or wide receiver are very good. 

Among potential running backs that will be available in this range are Le’Veon Bell of the Pittsburgh Steelers and Ezekiel Elliott of the Dallas Cowboys. If you’re selecting in the bottom half of a draft, landing an elite wide receiver like Julio Jones is a possibility. Maybe you want to draft a star quarterback? Green Bay Packers pivot Aaron Rodgers, who racked up 4,428 passing yards in 2016, is the perfect option in the later stage of the first round.

Other popular fantasy betting options include MLB, NHL, NBA and international soccer leagues.


Fantasy NFL

Fantasy MLB

Fantasy NBA

Fantasy NHL

Fantasy MLS

Fantasy Nascar

Fantasy Premier League

Fantasy Golf

Fantasy Sports Tools

Whatever fantasy sport you’re participating in, it’s imperative to use key tools that are often provided for bettors on their respective websites.

Going into a draft blindly will never end well, which means research should be conducted beforehand. It doesn’t have to be extensive and many fantasy sites offer tools, such as rankings and mock drafts, which will assist you when it’s your turn to make your picks.

The injury bug is something that’s unavoidable during any fantasy season. Take advantage of multiple injured reserve spots on your roster. It allows you to put a wounded player on the sidelines while picking up another potential star from the waiver wire. When conducting your search for another player, don’t just base it on year-to-date stats. Narrow your search to a short-term timeline such as seven or 14 days so to maximize your chances of landing a player that’s on a hot streak.

Another useful tool offered by many fantasy betting sites is transaction trends, which shows which players have been added or dropped the most times. 

Ready to jump into the fantasy sports betting world? Use these helpful tips and it should ease the transition from traditional betting to fantasy wagering.

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