Hockey Fantasy Betting

When the puck drops for the National Hockey League season each year, bettors flock to their favorite online or Las Vegas sportsbook to place their wagers. But did you know there’s an alternative option to traditional sports betting that will fulfill your wagering needs and also give you the chance to win big cash payouts? It’s hard to convince traditional bettors to come out of their comfort zone, but fantasy giants such as DraftKings and FanDuel help make the transition much easier with their features and cash payouts. [+]

The signup process is seamless, as it requires a username, email and a secure password. From there, you’re ready to jump into the fantasy betting world and start making money.

Fantasy Hockey Tips

The beauty of fantasy sports betting sites like DraftKings and FanDuel is that there’s no long-term commitment. If you’re looking for a one-day fantasy sports wager, they have that. If you want something a little more long term, both sites have you covered too. If you’re making the leap to fantasy sports betting, there are several strategies involved that will enhance your chances of coming out on top. 

Going into a draft blindly can cost you in the long run. Be sure to track pre-season rankings as a guide to help you select the right players in each rounds.

For instance, if you have a top 3 pick in your draft, it’s guaranteed that you will come out with one of the best scorers in the NHL. In many league rankings, Connor McDavid of the Edmonton Oilers, Sidney Crosby of the Pittsburgh Penguins and Alex Ovechkin of the Washington Capitals are the top three players.

However if you’re embarking in a long-term venture, investing in a star like McDavid is a wise move — especially if the league you’re in let’s you protect players year after year. 



Fantasy Hockey Tools

Several fantasy betting sites provide bettors with the right tools to succeed. 

During a draft, it can be sometimes overwhelming to find the player you are looking to select, especially with a two-minute time limit to do so. It’s crucial to enter your online draft room a little early to do your prep work. Many draft rooms allow bettors to move players you have a close eye on into a queue, making it extremely easy to hit the draft button when it’s your turn to make a pick.

When the clock is ticking, you may be torn between two players. There is also a tool that allows bettors to compare players’ stats and how they fared in previous seasons. This will make your drafting decision that much easier.

Even during the NHL season, your research doesn’t end. A key tool many fantasy betting sites offer is transaction trends, which allows you to keep track of which players have been picked up and dropped the most during the season.

A big part of fantasy sports betting is transactions, more specifically, making trades. Often bettors will shy away from making a big deal that may comprise their chances of coming out on top. But be aware of your team’s needs — especially in a rotisserie format league — where certain scoring categories come into play.

Don’t shy away from pulling the trigger on that big trade if it makes sense and puts you in position to win your fantasy hockey league.

It’s not all about goals and assists when it comes fantasy hockey anymore. In a more analytical hockey world, enhanced stats such as blocked shots and hits are working their way into many leagues these days. Drafting a player that can score, hit and block shots becomes more valuable than just a pure scorer in many cases.

Are you prepared to make the jump to fantasy hockey betting? If so, start small in a league that will help you get comfortable with your surroundings. From there, you’ll become a fantasy hockey betting guru.