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Super Bowl XLIX Futures Betting Guarantees a Return

Super Bowl XLIX Futures Betting Guarantees a Return

Back to the Futures: NFL preseason predictions

We began our Super Bowl XLIX futures betting journey, during the dog days of the NFL preseason, on August 20, 2014. Our path began with a 300 unit wager on Denver and a 200 unit bet on New England as our NFL Championship predictions. The Patriots are now our AFC horse in the Super Bowl race and they are a strong one as their preseason price was +700 ML at Bovada. Take away the 300 units from the failed Broncos bid and we move forward with +1100 units riding on the Brady Bunch.

Pre NFL playoff Super Bowl XLIX futures betting portfolio update

Though not needed, after the Patriots deflated the Colts 45-7 to claim the AFC Championship, we bet 200 units on Indianapolis prior to Championship Sunday. We don't apologize for the move as we didn't want to gamble on the possibly of losing our prized AFC horse on Super Bowl Sunday. Tally it up and, while we don't have a guaranteed winner yet, a Patriots title earns us a tidy +900 return. This is where one really needs to punch the Greed Devil square in the face and knock him clear off your shoulder. 

Super Bowl Sunday Guaranteed Cashout: Today we examine our possibilities of ‘middling” the current lines posted at Bovada all while setting up our guaranteed SB XLIX payday. Though not as thick as we would like them to be, the early lines have fallen ever so slightly in our favor. With Seattle as an underdog at +2 (-105) we are backing the Seahawks with a 840 unit wager on the Bovada spread line. Kick back and enjoy the game and then stay tuned for our NHL and MLB futures betting advice.

BABB Bean Counters SB XLIX Bottom Line:

Patriots win the Super Bowl futures bets pay 900 units

Seahawks win the Super Bowl futures bets lose 700 units 

With a Final Investment: 840 units on Seattle at +2 (-105) ATS 

Patriots win by three or more = 60 unit return. 

Patriots win by two points = 900 unit return (Seahawks 840 unit bet is a push and returned) 

Patriots win by one point = 1700 unit return - most profitable "middling" opportunity available.

Seahawks win by any margin = 100 unit return. 

Original 700 unit investment is safe in all scenarios and a minimum 8.6% return is guaranteed.

Seattle Seahawks vs New England Patriots Bovada Super Bowl XLIX Betting Lines

Seattle Seahawks vs New England Patriots Bovada Super Bowl XLIX Betting Lines




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