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How Much Money Is Floyd Mayweather Worth?

How Much Money Is Floyd Mayweather Worth?

How Much Is Floyd Mayweather Worth?

Floyd Mayweather has never been one to want for cash.

He has a ton of money, and he flaunts it, even in retirement. Technically, leading into his August 26 bout with Conor McGregor, Mayweather doesn't rank among the world's richest athletes. But that's only because he's no longer considered a professional. He last boxed in 2015, when he was supposed to have walked away from the sport for good. So much for that.

Mayweather seldom likes to turn down paydays that are unfathomably large by his own salary standards—like his stinker of a fight with Manny Pacquiao. And this matchup with McGregor stands to make a dent even in his immense net worth.

The fighters are projected to earn anywhere between $75 and $100 million. Mayweather, who is an expert at capitalizing on his brand, will probably end up earning more than that. All of which makes this a case of the ridiculously rich somehow getting even more ridiculously rich.

Mayweather's current net worth, according to Forbes, is a whopping $340 million. Again, this is an unranked figure among professional athletes, because he's no longer considered one.

But it's laughably more than the world's most lucratively compensated sports figures, and a galaxy's throw in front of McGregor's own net worth. In the spirit of this disparity, let's see how much Mayweather's $340 million net worth overshadows those of his upcoming opponent, in addition to the top five highest paid athletes in the world, as determined by Forbes.

24. Conor McGregor, MMA ($34 million)

McGregor is on record as saying he wants to climb to the top of the highest-paid list. Let's just say he has his work cut out for him, even with a $34 million net worth. Fighting Mayweather should improve McGregor's standing, particularly if he wins.

But if he wants to leap frog up the rest of the list, he'll need to step up his endorsement game. Sponsorships currently only account for $7 million of his total value.

5. Kevin Durant, NBA ($60.6 million)

Net worths for NBA players have skyrocketed in recent years thanks to ballooning contracts. Anyone who earns even a semi-lucrative share in sponsorships is perfectly set up to crack the list of highest paid athletes. Kevin Durant is no different. His $60.6 million net worth is buoyed by taking home $34 million in endorsements.

4. Roger Federer, Tennis ($64 million)

Roger Federer is an endorsement magnet. Most high-profile tennis players—and, for that matter, professional golfers—have to be. They don't make too much simply from participating in tournaments, not relative to other sports stars anyway. They need a way to not only supplement their income, but define it. No one in tennis has maximized his or her brand more than Federer.

He might be the most recognizable active player, with the exception of maybe Serena Williams, which he's helped parlay into $58 million worth of sponsorships.

3. Lionel Messi, Soccer ($80 million)

As if we needed another reminder that soccer remains the world's most popular sport. Most of Lionel Messi's worth lies with his actual salary. He made $53 million on the pitch alone in 2016, which he supplements with another $27 million in endorsements. Truth told, if he wasn't officially on the wrong side of 30, he would probably be much closer to the $100 million benchmark.

2. LeBron James, NBA ($86.2 million)

LeBron James' net worth will only continue to grow now that he's signed a lifetime deal with Nike believed to be worth upwards of $1 billion. He is already netting $55 million in endorsements, and his yearly salary on the hardwood won't go anywhere but up over the next couple seasons. Will he be able to eclipse $100 million before walking away from the game of basketball? Maybe.

1. Cristiano Ronaldo, Soccer ($93 million)

Kudos to Cristiano Ronaldo for building up a $93 million net worth, which is anchored by $58 million in raw salary. But his standing as the highest paid athlete in the world only reinforces just how wide the gap is between Mayweather and the rest of the universe.

Put it this way: Ronaldo could up his net worth to $100 million and still fall about a quarter-billion dollars shy of Mayweather's sticker value.

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