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Deposit and cash out methods


SportBet Sports Betting

SportBet operates in Costa Rica and has been providing the online gambling world with wagering opportunities of all different types since its establishment in 1996. Along with 5Dimes and IslandCasino – two other notable sportbooks – SportBet is one of three members under the ownership of the 5Dimes Group Affiliate Program.

Sports Betting Review

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Is Sportbet Legal?

Another online sportsbook based in Costa Rica, SportBet is accepting of U.S. players. But they decline to accept wagers from punters in the United Kingdom and France.

  • SportBet Sign Up Bonus

    The bonus that you receive when you make your first deposit is worth 50 percent. A minimum qualifying deposit of $100 is required to be eligible for this offer and the maximum amount is $400, meaning the largest bonus you can receive would be $200.

    Once you sign up, your account will also automatically be part of the sportbook’s 30 percent Super Saver Bonus Program. This bonus offers bettors with -107 style pricing for various different wagers and bigger parlay payouts. If you have other preferences, you have the option to back out of this Super Saver Program and try to enter another one.

  • SportBet Payout Methods

    Receiving payouts is as simple as making a deposit. Practically any method that you use for deposits – such as sportsbook transfer and bank wire – also work. The biggest drawback is that with most of the payout methods, the only time available for processing is from 9 a.m. – 11 p.m. on weekdays. Fees ranging from $15 to $80 may apply for some of the payout options.

  • SportBet Mobile Betting

    While the good news is that you can make your wagering plays at SportBet on your favorite mobile device, you will still be required to utilize the web browser on your tablet or smartphone to place these wagers, because SportBet does not offer a mobile app for downloading.

    But the positive is that you will find that their web page is compatible with most browsers.

  • SportBet Website

    Visiting a new website can be overwhelming at first glance. Luckily, SportBet makes your life considerably easier through its design and presentation of information. Once you log onto the main page of SportBet, you’ll notice very quickly that links to the various sections – including the sportsbook, casino, racebook, and poker room – are conveniently located at the top of the page.

    The website also provides comprehensive and detailed explanations for just about everything you need to know. From deposit methods to the rules of sports betting and various casino games, SportBet has you covered. Even if have never placed a bet, you will soon become an expert with their user friendly website. 

  • SportBet Customer Service

    Need help of any kind? Customer service is literally just a few clicks away no matter where in the world you are. SportBet provides a live chat option that allows users to directly communicate any issues with customer service. At the top of any page, click the “live chat” button for access. From here, provide your name, SportBet username, and select the specific issue that you need help with to start the chat.

    If you’re in Canada or the United States, you can also contact [email protected] or 1-800-430-5896.

  • SportBet Betting Types

    All of the sports you’d expect to be there – NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL and European soccer – are available for wagering at the SportBet site. But if you want to bet on NASCAR, the French Open or the PGA Tour, you’ll find that there as well, among many sporting options.

    Different fixtures on SportBet will provide different types of wagers for bettors. For sports like baseball, the bet is a straight one, meaning that the moneyline will determine the amount you win. With basketball and football bets, a point spread does apply. Depending on the number of points a team scores, you would add the score to the moneyline if the amount is positive and subtract the score for money lines with negative numbers.

    Parlays and teasers are also a major part of SportBet.

  • SportBet Deposit Methods

    The best deposit methods on SportBet are credit card, sportbook transfer, and account-to-account transfer. These methods of payment work 24 hours a day, seven days a week with no applied fees. Other ways to fill up your SportBet account include person-to-person, money order, and bitcoins, but these either have fees or process only at specific times of the day. The various sections of the site (including the various casinos) operate on different accounts, which will require you to make transfers.

  • SportBet Live Betting

    SportBet was among the first online sportsbooks to offer liver wagering, so it’s no surprise then that their buffet a live betting is both massive and delicious.

    You’ll find just about every live betting option and then some at the SportBet web site. For example, during the 2017 NBA final between the Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers, wagering was offered on how many points each team would score during the first three, six and nine minutes of each quarter of play in each game. 

    You can even play parlays of live games with upcoming sporting events.

  • SportBet Promotions

    SportBet offers a wide range of different promotions on a regular basis. On top of the 30 percent Super Saver Bonus that your account will enter when upon your first deposit, the other bonus program that exists is the FreePlay/ MatchPlay/Lotto.

    The different sections of the site also offer their individual bonuses to users, such as the Casino Rebate Bonus Program. For a complete list of the promotions that are available, click on the “Bonus Page” tab on any page of the site to have a look.

  • Sportbet Betting Review

    SportBet is one of the most comprehensive sports betting sites that wagering enthusiasts will come across. On top of the various types of betting options available on the sports book, SportBet also offers four different selections of casinos with hundreds of different games to choose from.

    Still, the best part about the site is the amount of information that it provides users with. If you’re a novice user of SportBet, or for that matter, completely new to the world of online betting, you have little to worry about.

    The website tells you practically all the bits of information you need to know about its promotions, deposit methods, and even the rules of the various casino games. Speaking of bonuses, don’t forget to take advantage of them too!

SportBet has four different selections of casinos for you to choose from - the Grand, Jackpot, Bonus, and MatchPlay Casinos. The various casinos offer a wide variety of games, including multiple variations of classic games like Blackjack, Super 21, Slots, and Roulette. The Grand Casino - like the name suggests - has as many as 200 choices of games to choose from. Jackpot Casino uses 3D graphics to give you an experience like one that you get in a 3D theatre.

For the best payouts, visit the Bonus Casino for some attractive deals. Last but not least, you can also try the MatchPlay Casino to play for fun until you are ready to play with real money.

The two poker rooms available on SportBet are Grand Poker and Shark Tank Poker, both of which are free for download. The Shark Tank Poker is unfortunately not downloadable for Mac computers.

Both poker rooms offer exciting tournaments for you to compete against the best poker players and a chance to live a Las Vegas life that's as close to reality as it gets. Don't forget to also catch the amazing promotions that Grand Poker and Shark Tank Poker offer, including the latter's 27% Rake Back Promo.

You will also find a solid racebook at SportBet. While many online sportsbooks view a racebook as a necessary evil, that's not the case at SportBet. Even in the middle of the week, you'll find wagering offerings from a myriad of tracks. 

SportBet also offers significant wagering on greyhound racing as well.