How To Bet On Europa League

The Europa League, formerly known as the UEFA Cup, is one of the premier football competitions in the world today. Some of the best football teams in Europe are still in contention for the tournament’s €6 million first place prize and a place in next season’s UEFA Champions League. Whether you are a recreational sports bettor or someone who spends hours analysing statistics before placing a wager, the Europa League is perfect for betting on. The Europa League throws up some intriguing ties and creates plenty of opportunity to make a bet. [+]

Often pairing Goliath’s of the football world against relative minnows, this premier club competition offers a soccer platform full of excitement, unpredictability and unabated passion. 

With Premier League giants Liverpool, Tottenham and Manchester United still in the hunt, plus the likes of Borussia Dortmund, Villarreal, Lazio, and Valencia, there are some big names waiting for you to bet on. The question on the lips of everyone is whether or not Sevilla can win their third consecutive Europa League. Do you think they can?

What Are The Europa League Standings

A team’s form is a good indication of how likely they are to succeed in their next fixture and beyond, so make sure you scan the current standings from the group stages of the 2015-16 Europa League.

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