How To Bet On NHL Central Division

The Central Division is arguably the most competitive in the NHL. It is chock-full of Stanley Cup contenders, the reigning Stanley Cup champion Chicago Blackhawks leading the elite pack. Chicago, Dallas and St. Louis are all powerhouses in their own right, but have the unfortunate task of playing each other 6 times during the course of the season. And it doesn’t get any easier when you throw the likes of the Nashville Predators, Colorado Avalanche and Minnesota Wild into the fray. [+]

And don’t think for a second Winnipeg is the forgotten one as the Jets possess enough weapons to dispose of anyone on their night. 

That’s why, in our esteemed opinion, the Central Division is probably the most exciting one on offer across the league. Though, sometimes it causes havoc for sports bettors as picking winners has never been more challenging. However, it does offer some interesting betting choices, especially considering the high-powered offenses on show. I would go with the over more often than not, especially when Chicago, St. Louis or Dallas is playing at home, the latter of which, as of March 17, leads the league in goals for. 


Best NHL Central Division Game Betting Lines

We’re here to make the betting process as easy as possible. Reference the below game betting lines to help you make the correct decision before placing your wagers. 


regular - week-19
Match day
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Away Score Home Money Line
Monday 13 February
FT New York Rangers 3 - 2 Jackets +127 -130 Odds
FT Arizona Coyotes 5 - 0 Calgary Flames +175 -189 Odds
Tuesday 14 February
FT Colorado Avalanche 2 - 3 New Jersey Devils +170 -179 Odds
FT Vancouver Canucks 0 - 4 Pittsburgh Penguins +273 -263 Odds
FT New York Islanders 1 - 7 Toronto Maple Leafs +126 -135 Odds
FT Buffalo Sabres 3 - 2 Ottawa Senators +150 -161 Odds
FT Anaheim Ducks 1 - 0 Minnesota Wild +150 -154 Odds
FT Dallas Stars 2 - 5 Winnipeg Jets +120 -123 Odds
FT Arizona Coyotes 2 - 5 Edmonton Oilers +220 -227 Odds
Wednesday 15 February
FT Toronto Maple Leafs 2 - 5 Jackets +125 -137 Odds
FT St. Louis Blues 2 - 0 Detroit Red Wings -103 +105 Odds
FT Philadelphia Flyers 1 - 3 Calgary Flames +120 -128 Odds
AOT Florida Panthers 6 - 5 San Jose Sharks +155 -154 Odds
Thursday 16 February
FT Ottawa Senators 3 - 0 New Jersey Devils -105 +100 Odds
FT New York Rangers 2 - 4 New York Islanders -110 +110 Odds
AOT Winnipeg Jets 3 - 4 Pittsburgh Penguins +215 -227 Odds
FT Colorado Avalanche 0 - 2 Buffalo Sabres +155 -164 Odds
FT Vancouver Canucks 3 - 4 St. Louis Blues +166 -172 Odds
FT Dallas Stars 1 - 3 Minnesota Wild +170 -154 Odds
FT Philadelphia Flyers 3 - 6 Edmonton Oilers +141 -156 Odds
FT Arizona Coyotes 5 - 3 Los Angeles Kings +231 -233 Odds
Friday 17 February
Pittsburgh Penguins 19:00 Jackets +107 -116 Odds
Colorado Avalanche 19:30 Carolina Hurricanes +214 -238 Odds
Florida Panthers 22:00 Anaheim Ducks +127 -132 Odds
Saturday 18 February
St. Louis Blues 13:00 Buffalo Sabres
Winnipeg Jets 14:00 Montreal Canadiens
Washington Capitals 14:00 Detroit Red Wings
Edmonton Oilers 19:00 Chicago Blackhawks
Ottawa Senators 19:00 Toronto Maple Leafs
New York Islanders 19:00 New Jersey Devils
San Jose Sharks 20:00 Arizona Coyotes
Tampa Bay Lightning 20:00 Dallas Stars
Nashville Predators 20:00 Minnesota Wild
Calgary Flames 22:00 Vancouver Canucks
Florida Panthers 22:00 Los Angeles Kings
Sunday 19 February
Washington Capitals 12:30 New York Rangers
Detroit Red Wings 15:00 Pittsburgh Penguins
Winnipeg Jets 17:00 Ottawa Senators
Chicago Blackhawks 18:00 Buffalo Sabres
New Jersey Devils 18:00 New York Islanders
Nashville Predators 18:00 Jackets
Toronto Maple Leafs 19:00 Carolina Hurricanes
Tampa Bay Lightning 20:00 Colorado Avalanche
Boston Bruins 20:30 San Jose Sharks
Los Angeles Kings 21:00 Anaheim Ducks
Philadelphia Flyers 22:00 Vancouver Canucks

What Are The NHL Central Division Standings

Ensure you keep a close watch on the Central Division Standings as they will most likely fluctuate, especially amongst the top teams, on a weekly basis. It’s your go-to guide! [+]

Take into consideration previous games, recent results, whether or not teams are battling for a playoff sport or comfortable enough to rest players. Don’t forget about the injury bug, too! Oh, and has the team been on the road for two weeks, the players barely able to lift their sticks let alone play a consistent 60 minutes. These are all things you should be taking into account before putting your money down. 

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Central Division Betting Predictions

Let’s start with the Chicago Blackhawks

This team is insane. There, we said it!

Previously embroiled in the Patrick Kane sexual assault allegations, the Hawks didn’t let the outside adversity get to them. In fact, Kane put on a show and scored a point in 26 consecutive games. During this streak, Kane scored 16 goals and notched 25 assists for a total of 40 points. But that’s only a miniature part of Chicago’s success story. 

The Hawks have won three, 2009-10, 2012-13, 2014-15, of the last six Stanley Cups, an astonishing achievement considering they play in a league driven by parity.

It’s incredible to think a team can be so successful in an era with numerous elite teams. But Jonathan Toews continues to be one of the best ambassadors of hockey, leading his team every night with otherwordly determination, skill and tenacity. We wouldn’t be surprised if he ends up lifting another few Stanley Cups before hanging up the skates. 

And then you have the St. Louis Blues and the Minnesota Wild, teams on the cusp of threatening to be in the Stanley Cup conversation. Nashville and Dallas have an abundance of young talent and both teams have the capacity to score at will. 

The Colorado Avalanche are rebuilding, while the Winnipeg Jets, led by 2nd-overall draft pick Patrik Laine, are a team to keep your eye on in the near future. This division is overloaded with talent so there are a few things to consider prior to placing your Central Division bets. 

10-Game Metrics

As they play each other six times each season, you’ll want to pay close attention to how they fare against each other. It’s a metric that will help immeasurably when planning your betting strategy. Also, digging into how each team has performed in the most recent 10 games is a good litmus test for one-off bets. It provides enough evidence to feel comfortable with current wagers.

Taking Top Seeds

In addition, the Blackhawks, Wild and Blues are often considered to be favorites in most games they play, while the Avalanche and Jets are currently considered more on the outsider train of thought.

Nashville can be both depending on the night, so it’s a good idea to take into account each squad’s adjusted efficiency margin, a metric that will help you decide whether the favorite will live up to their expectations and whether an underdog is good value for an upset. 

Corsi Ratings

Finally, before making your Central Division bets, delve into their top player’s Corsi Ratings. Basically, it boils down to how well a team can cope when some of their premier players are sidelined due to injury. It’s all about puck possession and depth, both of which are key stats in the new fast pacec, skill-laded NHL.