Best Horse Racing Apps

The purpose of any app is to make life easier. Obviously some accomplish this purpose while others simply occupy space and battery power on a phone or mobile device. A horse player’s basic needs are fairly straight-forward when it comes to apps. We need quick information, access to a betting platform, and the ability to track workouts and race entries. In this piece we’ll detail the apps that best suit these needs along with the apps that provide additional benefits.

Top 5 Horse Racing Mobile Apps

Horse Racing Betting Strategies

There are a million theories on betting horses, but the one thing that cannot be debated is that the game is information-driven. Whichever apps a player chooses to incorporate into their approach should provide as much useful data, information and access as is useful and practicable to the player. As a bettor becomes more skilled in watching races, apps that include online stables such as the Equibase app become excellent tools for storing information and cashing tickets down the road.

The first-time starter who got trapped on the rail and finished full of run, for example, often makes an excellent bet in his next start. Online stables make it possible to enter the name of the horse and get regular updates on workouts and raceday entries.

With this approach, the player doesn’t have to worry about scanning the entries each day to find the horse as did the bettors of yesteryear. Access to betting horses has improved drastically in the last 30 years and even more drastically in the Internet age.

While many races are run during the working hours of the week, horse players equipped with a mobile betting app are able to get involved in the action during their lunchbreaks – or while taking a mental break from the stresses of the day.

With more tools than ever to give horse player’s opportunities, there’s never been a more favorable time to join in the action. Whether a beginning bettor or a veteran railbird, there are plenty of online racebooks to put the player in the driver’s seat via deposit bonuses and rewards. Enlisting the help of a few valuable apps can also go a long way towards making a horse player successful.

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