Some gambling systems dive deep into a wild array of numbers and statistics while others simply look at trends that seem rather obvious, but nonetheless offer a bit of decent insight into the game. The worst pitchers betting system falls into the latter category, and works pretty much exactly like you would imagine it would.

This idea was published in a baseball and football gambling book written by Jim Jasper in 1979, which detailed a variety of different betting theories. In this case, the worst pitchers betting system revolves around the fact that the most important position in baseball – pitcher – is also the most important variable when predicting which team will win.

Worst Pitchers Betting System Review

The worst pitchers betting system seems too obvious to work. Specifically, determine the ten worst pitchers in baseball and consistently bet against them. The sport has a mountain of available statistics to wade through for pitchers, some of which are more useful than others. In order to calculate the ten worst pitchers in baseball, Jim suggests ERA as a benchmark. Specifically, find ten pitchers with the most bloated ERA difference relative to the average of their team. 

A pitcher with an ERA of 7.25 on a team with an average ERA of 5.50 is considered better than a pitcher with an ERA of 6.25 on a team with an average ERA of 2.50. The pitcher with the 7.25 ERA has a difference of 1.75 while the pitcher with the ERA of 6.25 has a difference of 3.75.

After sifting through the collective pitching staffs of Major League Baseball and identifying the ten with the biggest difference, bet against them without mercy. One way to further reduce the odds for this type of betting system is to wager against big underdogs on the run line, doubling up on the action.

Is It a Good System To Follow?

For the worst pitchers betting system to work, at least a month of the season needs to have transpired for enough information to make bets according to ERA stats. You also have to be willing to keep track of all the bad pitchers in the league to determine which ones are on the ten worst list. Due to their terrible ERA, pitchers on the ten worst list are candidates to be removed from the starting rotation at a moment's notice, forcing you to update your ten worst list on a frequent basis.

Similar to any sports betting system, the worst pitchers betting system can't account for a sudden breakout performance or slump in the batting order. Due to the overwhelming odds that the team with the worst pitcher will lose, the winnings may arrive slowly and the losses will sting a bit more, making this system suitable for patient baseball wagering fans looking to increase their profit over the course of a season.