Wagering on underdogs is one of the most exciting ways to bet on baseball, partially because many people root for underdogs, but mostly because of the great return that a winning bet an on underdog offers. Anybody with the ability to predict when teams with bad odds will win can look forward to a good payday. However, they are called underdogs for a reason – they lose more often than not. 

This is what makes systems like the series starter betting system potentially profitable. They look at large quantities of information gathered over thousands of MLB regular season games, finding trends that provide better odds of making a profit off underdogs than the winning percentage would otherwise suggest.

Series Starter Betting System Review

Similar to other betting systems that create rules of wagering according to specific situations, the series starter betting system doesn’t require a lot of effort from players seeking to use the system. Few calculations need to be made, unlike the Poisson distribution betting system. Instead, bettors look for certain conditions to be fulfilled before automatically placing a bet.

For the series starter betting system, players look for any favorite that has won a game in which they have 10 or more hits before playing the first game of a home series.

The theory behind this rests on the fact that the odds may be inflated for the favorite because the home team is perceived as having an additional boost in their chances of winning due to an excellent offensive outing the game before.

As a result, this system teaches that it’s best to bet on an underdog in this situation, as the difference between winning percentage and odds provides an opportunity to leverage small differences between the two numbers into profit over the course of an entire season.

Is It a Good System To Follow?

Despite the fact that the math behind this betting system has produced profits, there is no guarantee that trends will not change, from the winning percentage of underdogs in these situations to the odds provided by sportsbooks. As a result, it's important to keep close tabs on your betting and aim for profit over a long period of time rather than a big windfall.

Like other betting systems, this does not take into account variables beyond your control, such as sudden injuries or a random slumps. Paying attention to details while using any betting system is crucial when trying to avoid wagers wasted on bad bets.

This betting system can be combined with other baseball betting systems that produce profit through small odds “loopholes,” adding up smaller wins over a season for greater profit. It should be mentioned that no betting system can guarantee wins because of the unpredictable nature of competition in sport.