There are few better feelings than betting on an underdog and winning. The payouts are bigger and you also have the chance to brag to your friends about your betting genius and overall skill in predicting the future of baseball. One way to look like a total genius without being unnaturally brilliant or putting in any hard work is to take a look at baseball betting systems that involve placing automatic bets on the underdog. By doing so, you get to take advantage of the endless toil of baseball and betting statisticians who have discovered cracks in the armor of oddsmakers in specific betting situations.

Low Scoring Underdog Winners Betting System Review

Just as you do with other baseball wagering systems, the low scoring underdog winners betting system requires that you keep your eyes peeled for specific situations that come up throughout the MLB regular season.

For this system, the wagering rules revolve around looking out for an underdog that won their previous game despite scoring only three runs or less. If that team is still listed as the underdog in the next game, the player bets on the team.

This system suggests that teams able to squeak out close, low-scoring games are better than the odds suggest, perhaps because of their ability to clamp down in close games, or maybe due to a close win signaling that a team is in the midst of or initiating a hot streak.

Interestingly, this system works despite the fact that the underdog team still wins less than half of their games after winning a low-scoring ballgame, proving that the oddsmakers, for whatever reason, give these underdogs less respect than they deserve, leading to good payouts when they do win.

Is This a Good System To Follow?

Testing the viability of the low scoring underdog winners betting system using a steady hundred dollar wager has produced respectable profits in the past.

This proves that the winning percentage of teams in these situations is better than the odds that are given to them for winning. Payouts for these wins are a bit inflated, covering for the fact that low-scoring underdogs teams in this situation are sub-.500.

In order to make money off this method, you need to be willing to follow the system throughout the year, keeping track of whenever low-scoring underdogs win and betting on them every time they meet the criteria.

Of course, as a baseball fan, you know that it ain't over until it's over – in other words, regardless of the betting system you choose to use, there are no guarantees that it will work because the outcome of the game is always up in the air until the last out.

If any trend in winning percentage or oddsmaking changes to alter the underlying statistics that make this system work, the low scoring underdog winners betting system would no longer create profits.