Baseball is somewhat unique because of the complex nature of the situational statistics involved, in combination with the fact that the regular season is a relentless marathon that lasts half a calendar year. As a whole, the sport revolves around the quality of pitching, placing importance on the starting pitchers strutting to the mound at the beginning of the game. [+]

However, the sheer length of the season provides a strong variety of betting opportunities that center around trends revealing inefficiencies that smart gamblers notice, allowing them to profit more than they normally would by just mindlessly betting on the favorites.

The high scoring favorites betting system is designed to work for those who are willing to invest in long-term betting strategies that could boost profit outcomes over the course of a season.

High Scoring Favorites Betting System Review

The high scoring favorites betting system utilizes data gathered over multiple seasons that suggests an opportunity on favorites who win ball games by six or more runs. These teams win approximately 57 percent of the following games. Despite that fact, the average moneyline for those teams hovers around -155, creating a situation where the odds don’t reflect the winning percentage. 

The average moneyline for underdogs in this situation is +145, which provides an excellent return over time as underdogs win 43 percent of the games following a high-scoring win by a favorite. Based on the numbers, consistently placing this type of bet over the course of a single season year will yield a profit.

Is It A Good System To Follow?

Considering the large sample size of information used to calculate the high scoring favourites betting system, it appears that following this wagering method is a reasonable based on the difference in winning percentage and moneylines, potientially boosting profits over the span of a season. The simplicity of the system speaks for itself: just bet against any favourite that won by six or more runs over the course of an entire season and prosper.

Perhaps this betting system is enabled by MLB teams taking their foot of the gas pedal when they win big. It also appears that bettors and even sportsbooks operators may read too deeply into the meaning of a blowout win. If accurate, both of these points would suggest a psychological root to the high scoring favorites betting system.

This system, like other systems, doesn't guarantee a profit due to the possibility of winning percentage and odds changing without notice. It can provide great insight into patterns without having to get too deep into numbers and calculations, letting you take advantage of apparent “loopholes” in odds.