In any team sport, a great individual performance boosts the entire team, but it doesn’t guarantee a winning result. A pitcher can spin a gem but still lose if he doesn’t get the run support necessary to take advantage of the hurler’s fine efforts. Pitchers can also endure terrible starts, giving up handfuls of runs while still managing the win. The Good Luck and Bad Luck Pitchers betting system postulates that a bad pitcher’s good luck will eventually run out and a good pitcher’s bad luck will fade accordingly.

Good Luck And Bad Luck Pitchers Betting System Review

For good luck pitchers, you have to keep an eye out for any pitcher who has earned a win despite giving up five or more runs in a game, suggesting the pitcher was lucky to get enough run support while pitching poorly. For bad luck pitchers, bettors look out for pitchers who lose despite giving up one run or less, implying that the pitcher was unlucky to get a negative decision despite a quality start.

In order to take advantage of this insight, players bet on the next three games or until you get a victorious outcome. For bad luck pitchers, you bet that their team will win when they’re pitching at least once out of the next three games. For good luck pitchers, you wager that their team will lose at least one of his next three starts.

If your first bet isn’t a winner, you double your second bet to cover the loss and if the second somehow also loses, you once again double your bet. The idea is that you guarantee a profit by escalating bets with the knowledge that it’s extremely unlikely you will lose three times in a row. If you wager with set unit amounts, you can reduce the risk by halving the amount of your regular wager for your first bet before doubling on subsequent losses. 

Is It A Good System To Follow?

The Good Luck and Bad Luck Pitchers Betting System appears to exist under the assumption that teams starting a good pitcher are more likely to win while teams starting a bad pitcher are more likely to lose – both of which are assertions true assertions. 

Rather than a baseball betting system that requires automatic bets be placed over an entire season, like the better dogs betting system, this good luck/bad luck system recognizes that starters will eventually receive the decision they deserve, based on performance.