Betting on favorites isn’t the flashiest proposition because they’re expected to win. This results in a lower payout as sportsbooks offer less winnings for predicting the most likely outcome. For this reason, betting on favorites can lead to a slow accumulation of profit instead of a large windfall that occasionally occurs when someone bets big on an underdog who comes through against large odds. [+]

However, a winning bet is still a winning bet, which means that it’s a good idea to find trends that give you insight on the best time to place a wager on a favorite. Like other sports betting systems that rely on specific circumstances that guide wagering behavior, the favorite betting system is relatively easy to use and doesn’t require a great deal of thought or effort to pull off a higher winning percentage.

Favorite Betting System Review

During the immense regular season of Major League Baseball, teams experiences peaks and valley, with the best teams responding to losing streaks by quickly righting the ship. Due to the large base of stats available for analysis, statisticians have noticed a strong trend in the winning patterns of favorites when they enter a nose dive.

The favorites betting system focuses on home favorites with a winning percentage of .470 of greater during the course of the season. If the team has lost three consecutive games at home as a favorite with a line of -110 or greater and is a favorite to win by those odds for a fourth consecutive time, bet on that team. In these situations, the home favorite has a marked increase in winning percentage, making it profitable to bet on them over the course of a year.

If a loss occurs and the same wagering line is offered to the home favorite, the favorite betting system suggests betting on the favorite again, as the winning percentage rises even higher. Some bettors even respond to this rare situation by doubling their bet to cover a previous loss while earning a bit more profit. 

Is It a Good System To Follow?

Similar to the departed dogs betting system and the high scoring favorites betting system, the favorite betting system utilizes small differences between winning percentages and odds to earn a profit over the course of a season. As a result, the system is exposed to fluctuations in trends and sportsbook oddsmaking that may render this system unprofitable.

However, the sharp rise in winning percentage for home favorites in this situation cannot be ignored. When combined with other betting systems meant to be used over the course of a season, the favorite betting system could help increase overall winnings without a lot of effort put into choosing winners.

This system also has the potential of resulting in a spiral if you try to cover losses through larger bets if a team that makes the system's requirement happens to be at the beginning of a long losing streak.