Some of the better betting systems for Major League Baseball deal with swings in motivation that tend to occur during the regular season. There’s no team in the majors that shows up at the ballpark every single game with the same intensity. Baseball’s beaten favorites betting system takes advantage of this psychological phenomena by taking note of a specific situation that favorites tend to come out ahead due to additional motivation to come up with a win.

Baseball’s Beaten Favorites Betting System Review

Every now and then favorites drop games they should win, which gives them motivation to come back stronger the next game, thereby avoiding the beginning of a losing streak. Good teams, which tend to be the favorites, are more likely to respond to losses by rising to meet adversity with a stronger follow-up game. In fact, favorites with a moneyline of -200 or greater win more than sixty percent of the following ballgames, as long as they’re still favorites.

This system only works when the favorite plays a team outside its own division. If you’re familiar with the division underdog method betting system, division rivals who are underdogs tend to win more games than expected after beating a favorite, which suggests that playing against division rivals is a more dicey proposition for favorites.

In order to make the beaten favorites betting system work, you need to place a consistent bet whenever this situation pops up. This allows you to take advantage of the higher winning rate of favorites in this situation compared to the odds that bookmakers given them. The difference over the course of a season isn’t much, but it ends up creating a profit without having to consider which team to bet on when placing your wager.

Is It a Good System to Follow?

Baseball's beaten favorites betting system has been shown to create a modest profit over several seasons when adhering to the wagering rules on a regular basis, revealing the extra motivation favorites feel after losing against non-divisional rivals.

One potential way to derive a greater baseball betting profit without putting too much effort into making predictions is to follow a few different betting systems at the same time, stacking modest sums into solid earnings after the MLB season is through.

Despite the fact that these oddsmaking “loopholes” have been revealed by betting gurus using statistics over several seasons, no betting system ever guarantees a profit regardless of the promises made or how much sense the system makes.

If winning percentages of beaten favorites or the odds given by bookmakers change, the system may be significantly less profitable than expected with the potential of ending up in the red. Sports, especially baseball, are unpredictable by nature, which is why these systems aren't licenses to print money. Always pay attention to any extenuating circumstances that come up prior to a ballgame that may have a significant effect on the outcome.