Betting Tools

When it comes to betting on sports, every edge you can find, no matter slight it might seem, can work to your advantage. It’s the wise bettor who checks into all of their options, and when it comes to sports betting, there are plenty of useful instruments at your disposal to help along the way, everything from different types of betting systems, to odds calculators that help you to make a bet.

Sports Betting Tools

Learn right here about all of the different methods available in sports betting. It’s the only smart way to approach wagering. There are devices out there to utilize, so why not take advantage before going to your choice of online sportsbooks in order to place your wager?


Odds Calculator

So you've decided to place a bet. Let's say you've opted to go with $100 on the Minnesota Timberwolves over the Portland TrailBlazers in an NBA wager, and the moneyline odds on the Timberwolves are set at +400. What does that mean? How much will you win if the Timberwolves come through for you and beat the TrailBlazers? This is where an odds calculator comes in handy and helps you know exactly what your return on investment will be.

There are a number of odds calculators that are free to use on the internet, and they will provide you with the necessary information to determine the value of your wager, whether you are playing a decimal, fractional or moneyline odds. Simply input your wager and it will provide with the payouts on any of these odds. For instance, your $100 bet on the Timberwolves at +400 moneyline odds will provide you a payout of $500. An odds calculator can help you determine whether a bet is worth the risk before you make your play.

Odds Converter

Odds are generally listed via three types of systems. There's the moneyline system, which is most popular in North America, where odds are numerical and preceded by a + or - sign, such as +110 on the Philadelphia Eagles, or -250 on the New England Patriots. These odds are based on a wager of $100. Fractional odds are commonly seen on horse racing, such as 3/1 or 5/2. And decimal odds are popular in Europe. You may see an English soccer game where Manchester United is listed as 3.75 over Liverpool.

By utilizing an odds converter, if you want to make a wager in one type of odds system, but are accustomed to wagering via another, you can quickly determine what the odds - and also the payout - on a particular game would be under your preferred form of wagering. For example, say you prefer moneyline odds, but you wanted to see what the return would be on a wager on that soccer game. By punching the decimal odds into an odds converter, you'd quickly be informed that fractional odds of 3.75 equal moneyline odds of +275.

Parlay Calculator

One of the most popular forms of wagering, the parlay allows a bettor to turn a small wager into a significant return, because you get to play a number of games on one bet. You can opt to parlay anywhere from two games up to the limit allowable by most sportsbooks, which in most is capped at 10 games. Because you are able to include so many games on the one wager, the return can prove to be staggering, but since you must correctly hit on every game, the chances of a parlay coming in tend to be slim.

That's why you will want to be absolutely certain that your return is worth the risk you are opting to lay out, and this is where a parlay calculator is invaluable. Let's say you opt to play $100 on a three-game parlay on the NHL. You've got the Columbus Blue Jackets at +400, the Boston Bruins at -300 and the Vegas Golden Knights at +250. Simply input those moneylines into the parlay calculator, hit the calculate button, and you will be instantly informed that a winning parlay on those three bets would bring a return of $2233.33.

Computer Picks

One of the fastest-growing areas in terms of sports betting is computer-generated picks on games. In this instance, rather than rely on your own research and selections, the information on the games you'd like to bet on is input into a computer and a selection on the games is generated. The computer can give you outcomes on any type of wager, from straight win bets, to over/under total wagers and point spread betting. But you have to consider that it's your money being wagered. Are you OK with a machine making the call?

Most computer picks are offered as a pay service, so you have to ask yourself whether it's worth it. For all the billions of calculations that can be generated in seconds by today's super computers, just because they aren't human don't be mistaken into thinking there's no margin for error. A computer service picked Georgia to win the NCAA football championship in 2018 and it was Alabama that emerged victorious. A computer program predicted Brazil over Spain in the 2018 World Cup final. Instead it was France over Croatia.

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