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Super Bowl Props

Super Bowl Props

Super Bowl 51 Prop bets 

By Bob Duff


The Super Bowl is a sports bettors dream come true. Everywhere you look, there are wagering opportunities, some which have absolutely nothing to do with what's taking place between the hash marks as the New England Patriots and Atlanta Falcons tangle for NFL supremacy. 

Super Bowl prop bets are the Sideshow Bob of game day. They are out there, you just have to look around and find them. It's a great way to enjoy the day while maximizing your action on the game. But believe us when we say they are never ending. Don't blink - you might miss a Super Bowl prop bet opportunity. 

National Anthem

The game hasn't even started and already, you've got a wagering opportunity.

Sportsbooks set an over/under on the length of the Super Bowl National Anthem performance, and your choice is straightforward - will the song finish ahead of, or after the assigned time?

Country and western performer Luke Bryan is assigned the task of singing the Star Spangled Banner prior to Super Bowl LI. It's a safe bet Bryan won't emulate Aretha Franklin's four-minute version of the patriotic tune prior to this season's Detroit Lions Thanksgiving Day game.

It took Bryan 2:03 to complete the song at the 2012 MLB All-Star Game, so there's a barometer to start with. 

Coin Toss

coinThe game still hasn't got underway, and another prop bet pops up, and this one offers a number of variables.

The simplicity of the coin toss, as well as the 50-50 odds, make it one of the more popular Super Bowl prop bet. Hundreds of thousands of dollars are wagered each year on the Super Bowl coin flip.

Tails holds a 26-24 edge over heads in Super Bowl coin toss history but more recent analytics show heads with a 5-3 advantage in the last eight Super Bowl games.  You can get odds of -105 from on either heads or tails.

My Team's Next MatchAtlanta Falcons

The NFC has won 17 of the last 19 coin tosses.

Other coin toss wagers include whether the team that wins the toss will also go on to win the game, and you will get -115 odds no matter which way you opt to go. The coin-toss winner owns a 4-3 edge in game victories over the past seven Super Bowls, but the loser of the toss is riding a two-game winning streak.

Wager on whether the team that calls the toss will be right or wrong and you'll also be offered odds of -115 on both sides of that coin.

First Score


Okay, it's time for the opening kickoff to get the game is underway. Now, how will the first score of Super Bowl LI come about?

If you like touchdown, will give you odds of -185. But if you favor a field goal or safety, then you'll get +160.

Let's go further in depth on this wager, because in Super Bowl prop betting, you can do that. Who's going to put up the first points of Super Bowl LI? You can get +275 on it being a passing touchdown by either team, +600 on a Patriots rushing TD and +650 on a Falcons TD run. 

The remaining wagers are all the same no matter which team you go with. A field goal is worth +400, while a defensive or special teams TD (+2500) and safety (+3300) offer far more lucrative returns.

Halftime Show

gagaWhat, you thought you'd get a bathroom break in during the half? Not a chance, buddy. There's wagers to be played.

Lady Gaga is the halftime entertainment for Super Bowl LI, and offers a vast array of props on her show, from hair color (pink is +2000), to first song performed (Paparazzi is at +3000), as well as an over/under on outfit changes. The total is set at two. Go with the over.

Gatorade Shower


As much a part of the fabric of the Super Bowl as the MVP announcing he's going to Disneyland, you can wager on the color of the Gatorade shower drenching the winning coach at game's end.

Clear and orange are the historical leaders, each responsible for four dousings.

Enjoy the thought of a proposition or two? How can you not after seeing this array of unique, enticing options. 

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