NFL Props: Can Tyreek Hill Give Usain Bolt A Run For The Money?

NFL Props: Can Tyreek Hill Give Usain Bolt A Run For The Money?

Tyreek Hill vs Usain Bolt Betting Guide

  • All-Pro NFL wide receiver Tyreek Hill of the Kansas City Chiefs is challenging multiple Olympic sprint champion Usain Bolt to a match race
  • Odds are being offered on this potential race at distances of 40, 70, and 100 meters
  • Bolt has stated that he believes he could have fashioned a career as an NFL wideout

If a lightning bolt raced against a cheetah, which would be the winner? We may be about to find out.

NFL wide receiver Tyreek Hill of the Kansas City Chiefs is trying to talk multiple Olympic sprint champion Usain Bolt into participating in a match race. Nicknamed The Cheetah, Hill is among the fastest, if not indeed the fastest man in the NFL. Jamaican Bolt, nicknamed Lightning Bolt, reigned for over a decade as the fastest man in the world and would be heavily favored in a Bolt vs Hill race.

Bolt earned eight Olympic gold medals. He won both the 100 and 200 meters at the Beijing (2008), London (2012), and Rio de Janeiro (2016) Olympiads. Between 2007-2017, he never lost a race at the 100-meter distance.

Hill's track credentials are also impressive, albeit at a much lower level of competition. As a high school junior in 2012, Hill ran a time of 10.19 seconds for the 100 meters. He was Track and Field News High School Athlete of the Year in 2012. Hill was also named a USA Today All-American track and field selection in 2012.

40 meters70 meters100 meters
Usain Bolt-145-900-2000
Tyreek Hill+115+550+800

The props on this proposed match race are strongly leaning toward Bolt in the Bolt vs Hill odds. No matter at what distance the race is contested, Bolt is the overwhelming betting pick in the Bolt vs Hill Vegas odds.

tyreek hill odds

Before considering a wager on this or any other event, why not first have a look at our handy guide?

NFL Standard Is 40 Meters

In the NFL, speed is measured in 40-meter increments. A player's 40 time is their signature of how fast they can go. In Bolt's case, he's known as a slow starter in the 100, who gets faster with each passing stride and closes strongly.

That being the case, it would make sense that the 40 would offer Hill's best chance to win in the Bolt vs Hill odds. Except there's this - Hill's best 40 time in 4.29 seconds. Impressive, but evidently, not enough.

During Super Bowl weekend last season, Bolt ran the 40. His time was 4.22 seconds. That would be a an all-time record at the NFL Combine.

Usain Bolt To defeat Tyreek Hill at 40 meters

Racing At 70 Meters A Good Compromise

A suggested compromise for the race is that it be run at a midway point of 70 meters. The 1996 Olympic 100 (Donovan Bailey) and 200 (Michael Johnson) meter gold-medal winners did this in their much-hyped match race, contesting at 150 meters.

This would be a bit further than the traditional NFL measurable and just shy of the track and field glory distance. Still, you'd still be expecting that Bolt would be coming out ahead.

Usain Bolt To defeat Tyreek Hill at 70 meters

Bolt Is Absolutely 100

Bolt figures that to make this event a bit more interesting, a little side wager is in order. He's offering to put up one of his Olympic gold medals against Hill's Super Bowl ring, winner take all.

That would be a bad bet for Hill, especially at this distance, Bolt's specialty. Hill is fast, maybe the fastest in the NFL. For more than a decade, Bolt reigned as the world's fastest man. He'll turn 35 later this month but betting against Bolt at 100 meters makes no sense.

Usain Bolt To defeat Tyreek Hill at 100 meters

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