MLB Draft 2022: Druw Jones favorite to be first pick

MLB Draft 2022: Druw Jones favorite to be first pick

It's that time of the year again when the MLB draft takes place for 2022. From July 17th to July 19th the top baseball prospects in the world will be put together and picked to join the league for the first time in their careers.

Unlike in the NBA and NFL these players don't immediately join the MLB though, working their way through the minor leagues to develop and prove their worth.

We'll take a look at the top four prospects in the draft and the top names associated with the number one pick, and provide our best free betting picks to see if we can earn you some extra cash.

MLB Draft 2022BetUSBovada
Druw Jones-190-145
Jackson Holliday+375+250
Brooks Lee+550+300
Termarr Johnson+550+1000
Elijah Green+2000+2000

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MLB Draft information

  • July 17th - July 19th 2022
  • Live on ESPN
  • 10 rounds of picks
  • Baltimore Orioles get first pick

MLB Draft No.1 pick favorites

Druw Jones - OF - Wesleyan (GA) - (-145)

The odds on favorite to be picked first is the top defensive prospect in the draft, Druw Jones. Son of the legendary Andruw Jones - a five-time All Star and ten time Golden Glove winner - that is a huge reason for his superstar status and all eyes on him.

He has a brilliant arm, just like his dad did, and he immediately stands out as a potential future Golden Glove winner himself while his speed and athleticism are unmatched in the rest of the draft.

Jones really is a top notch draft pick even though he's primarily a defensive player, but his offensive numbers prove he's got more bows to his game than just that.

His final season in high school saw Jones hit a .570 batting average, 13 home runs, 39 RBIs, nine strikeouts, 33 walks and 32 stolen bases. Pretty high level numbers. At 6ft 4 and as athletic as he is, it's highly unlikely that the Orioles pass up on the opportunity of bringing him in.

Druw Jones No.1 pick in MLB Draft 2022

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Jackson Holliday - SS - Stillwater (OK) - (+375)

Speaking of having a family legacy of legendary MLB players, Holliday is another with that going for him. Jackson's father is Andy Holliday, a seven time All Star and four time Silver Slugger during his 15-year playing career.

While his dad went as a seventh-round pick, there is no chance he goes that late and there's every chance that he's the number one man for the Orioles.

He is an elite hitter of the ball and is coming off a record breaking season in his senior year at high school, hitting a .685 batting average, with 17 home runs and 39 RBIs while stealing 30 bases. It really is no surprise that Baltimore are taking a big look at him.

He’s a solid defender in the infield and Holliday should remain at shortstop thanks to his arm strength and quickness. That’s another area that gives him the advantage over Johnson.

Any team but the Orioles and he wouldn't be in the conversation for number one pick, but they love a cheap option so he cannot be ruled out.

Brooks Lee - SS - Cal Poly - (+550)

There was a stage in 2021 where Lee was the favorite to be the number one pick and while he no longer holds that honour, it shouldn't be ignored just how good he is.

He is one of the biggest hitters in his division and hit over .340 in his final season in high school, making him a standout player in the Cape Cod League.

He struggled with his plate discipline, striking out 16 times compared to three walks. However, he looked much better at Cal Poly, walking 46 times with 28 strikeouts. That has him among the top players in the 2022 MLB draft.

Lee should probably move to third base thanks to his enormous arm strength. His defensive flexibility makes him an intriguing option for teams picking in the 3-7 range. It’s hard to see him falling any lower, and just as unlikely he goes any higher too.

Termarr Johnson - 2B - Mays (GA) - (+1000)

When it comes down to straight up talent, there is nobody closer to Jones than Johnson is and that could see the Orioles opt to take a punt on him instead.

Mike Elias is known to spring surprises if necessary and we know money is king, so it's possible that Johnson finds himself at the top of the Orioles list come Sunday afternoon. Rightly so too, because he's arguably the best hitter the draft has seen this side of the millennium.

Defensively he has his flaws. He's not terrible, but he's not great either and while he played short stop during high school there is potential of him switching to second base because of how good his arm is.

At 5ft 10 he's not the best athlete either, lacking in speed and that's something that can't be taught. But his upside is phenomenal that it'll be hard to pass on him. It's unlikely, but don't be surprised if they grab Johnson to go under the slot.

Termarr Johnson No.1 pick in MLB Draft 2022

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