Jake Paul vs Ben Askren: Paul Stepping Up In Class

Jake Paul vs Ben Askren: Paul Stepping Up In Class

Jake vs Ben Askren Betting Picks

  • Jake Paul is the -150 favorite to defeat Ben Askren in their April 17th boxing match at Atlanta's Mercedes-Benz Stadium
  • Askren is a two-time MMA champ and former UFC competitor
  • Paul is 2-0 as a pro boxer, winning both by knockout

Jake Paul is nicknamed The Problem Child with good reason. He's also the pick in the Paul vs Askren betting odds for their upcoming boxing bout for equally ample reason.

Paul, who gained fame via YouTube, is brash. He's petulant and he's arrogant. He's also proven capable of backing up his bravado inside the squared circle. He's 2-0 as a pro fighter and has ended both bouts with stoppages.

Jake Paul-150-135-140
Ben Askren+120+105+110

There's no question that Askren is an accomplished fighter. He's twice been a champion in the world of mixed martial arts. As an amateur wrestler, he won gold medals at the World Championship and the Pan-American Games.

However, as the boxing bout between multiple world champion Floyd Mayweather and UFC world champ Conor McGregor displayed to fans of both sports, there's a world of difference between fighting and boxing.

The Ben Askren vs Jake Paul fight date is April 17th at Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta. A cruiserweight bout, it's scheduled for eight rounds. The two combatants are expected to enter the ring around 11 pm EDT. The fight will be carried live on Triller.

If you're new to wagering on boxing, or sports in general, check out our handy how-to-bet-on sports guide.

Bad Blood Already In Evidence

Perhaps it was simply boxing macho, or even an overabundance of testosterone, but the recent press conference to hype the Jake Paul vs Ben Askren date for their bout ended up with both fighters engaging in a pushing and shoving match.

After both lobbed verbal volleys of abuse at each other, Askren facepalmed Paul, who countered by shoving the former MMA fighter.

Paul Backs Up The Talk

He's an annoying, cocky presence and a Disney Channel/YouTube personality to boot, but Paul's resume in the ring remains perfect. True, his victories have come against a fellow YouTuber (AnEnsonGib) and a former NBA player (Nate Robinson), but both were decisive, one-sided verdicts. In that sense, he holds a significant edge in the Jake Paul vs Ben Askren stats, considering he does have two KOs in a boxing ring to his credit.

Paul has been lobbying McGregor for a big money fight, and now has turned his attention to getting a fight with Dustin Poirier, McGregor's recent conqueror in the UFC octagon. Instead, it's former UFC competitor Askren who is stepping up to answer the challenge.

Underestimating Askren

Askren will be making his pro boxing debut. His background prior to MMA was as a grappler. He was a world champion in 2009 and a Pan American Games gold medalist in 2005, both at 84kg. Im MMA, he won titles with Bellator and ONE.

It's simplistic to point out, as Paul has at length, that Askren isn't a boxer. That also makes it easy to discount him in the Ben Askren vs Jake Paul odds. And that could prove to be a foolish mistake.

Askren wasn't known as a powerful striker during his MMA days. However, while going 19-2-1, he did win four bouts by TKO via punches. Askren is something that Paul's first two opponents weren't. He's a trained professional fighter. That means he's well-schooled in the art of slipping a punch.

It's doubtful that either of Paul's previous opponents was equipped with much in the way of defensive acumen. If Paul can't land one of his haymakers and this fight goes into the late rounds, it very much tips toward the MMA fighter in the Ben Askren vs Paul odds. Look for Askren to get the verdict by a late-round TKO or a decision.

Ben Askren To defeat Jake Paul

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