Highest Paid Players in Barclays Premier League

From last-gasp goals to game-winning saves, our top earners have it all. Soccer skills, WAGs who are the envy of men across the globe and headphones that are worth more than the average car. Here are the top ten in the English Premier League, each of whom earned more during you reading that sentence than you did yesterday.

Highest paid English Premier League players 


The top Premier League players make more money than we will make in a lifetime. But as you know, it’s a business and a big-money one at that. Players are commodities these days and bring in massive amounts of revenue for their respective clubs. Do you think they’re worth that much?

Most of these players are responsible for scoring a bulk of their team’s goals. Take a look at Bovada’s future odds for top goalscorer in the Premier League. A couple of these bets might appeal to you so click on the image and you’ll be taken directly to the Bovada site.

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