Who Will Win Most Gold Medals in The 2022 Beijing Winter Games?

Who Will Win Most Gold Medals in The 2022 Beijing Winter Games?

Even though there are still years separating us from the start of the 2022 Olympics Winter Games in Beijing, sportsbooks have already started rolling out odds packages for you to bet on. Specially, you can wager on which country will win the most gold medals. Follow our breakdown, and you’ll find out:

  • Complete bettings odds for 2022 Olympics
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2022 Olympics Futures

Below you’ll find the countries laying the best and worst odds for their goal medal counts in the 2022 Winter Games. Note that all of these lines are accurate as of Monday, November 12, 2018. While these numbers shouldn’t shift too frequently, you’ll want to double-check them if you’re placing a wager in the weeks, months and even years after this date.

Favorites To Win Most Gold Medals in 2022

USA Winter Olympics

  • Norway (+160)
  • Germany (+225)
  • USA (+400)
  • Canada (+600)
  • Russia (+700)

Underdog Odds For Most Gold Medals in 2022

  • Netherlands (+2000)
  • Sweden (+2500)
  • China (+3300)
  • France (+3300)
  • Austria (+5000)
  • Switzlerland (+5000) 

Long-Shot Odds For Most Golde Medals in 2022

  • Finland (+10000)
  • Italy (+10000)
  • South Korea (+10000)
  • Poland (+20000)
  • Czech Repulic (+25000)
  • Japan (+25000)
  • Australia (+50000)

To Win The Most Gold Medals in The 2022 Beijing Winter Games Odds



Best Early Bets For 2022 Olympics

Investing money in a major event so far off in the distance can sometimes make bettors uneasy. That’s understandable. But if you’re willing to take a tiny risk now, it could pay off later. Here are our favorite bets from each of the above tiers.

Best Favorite Bet: Norway (+160)

Norway Winter Olympics

Is this the safe bet? Absolutely. That doesn’t make it any less sexy.

Norway has been a fixture of success in the past few winter contests. They haven’t won fewer than nine gold medals since the 2006 Olympics in Italy. And no country won more gold medals in 2018.

There’s always the chance for regression, but Norway’s top guns have not yet aged out of their primes in many of the respective sports, and they have a nice crop of young talent across a few different platforms. They should be right in the thick of the race for the 2022 crown.

Best Underdog Bet: Sweden (+2500)

During the 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea, Sweden took home seven gold medals. More notably, they finished with six silver medals across a number of a events in which they had a real shot at gold. 

Tack on their bevy of almosts from that field, and there’s a solid chance they turn more heads this time around. Judging from these odds, the general public hasn’t seem to catch on to them just yet. You have the opportunity to be ahead of the curve.

Best Long-Shot Bet: Czech Republic (+25000)

Truth be told, not many of the longest long shots are grabbing our attention. We would typically roll with the host country, as they tend to thrive on their home turf. South Korea proved as much in 2018.

That’s not an option in 2022. The host country, China (+3300), is more of an underdog than total long shot.

And so, we land on the Czech Republic. They ranked 14th among 28 participating countries in 2018. It’ll take a great deal of improvement for them to build upon their whopping two gold medals, but their ability to place in a handful of other events makes them, if nothing else, an intriguing stab in the dark.

Winter World Cup Odds to Monitor

In preparation of the 2022 Winter Olympics, feel free to monitor the outcomes of certain competitions now—namely skiing.

We’ve provided some odds for imminent contests below. Though each returns an individual winner, we’ve simply listed the country and the odds from the top candidates in each event.

Alpine Skiing World Cup Odds

Alpine Skiing World Cup

  • USA (-143)
  • Switzerland (+350)
  • Sweden (+600)
  • Norway (+3300)
  • Austria (+3300)

Ski Jumping World Cup Odds

  • Poland (-154)
  • Austria (+650)
  • Norway (+1000)
  • Germany (+1400)
  • Slovakia (+5000)
  • Japan (+6600)

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